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Hola Mexico
Authentic Mexican Restaurant
9009 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC 29223
March 24, 2019 & November 9, 2020

The two RV Gypsies have eaten in many restaurants throughout the United States, including numerous Mexican Restaurants. But this was definitely the very best chicken Chimichanga that Karen has ever eaten. It is what Karen almost always orders in every Mexican Restaurant. It is not a chain restaurant.

However, when they returned in 2020, the Chimichanga did not look the same. The chicken was very chewy. Terrible. Lee Duquette's dinner was not so good either.

restaurant in Spring Valley Commons Hola Authentic Mexican Restaurant sign

The building itself is an older building, but everything was clean and neat. The decor was NOT full of nasty plastic items loaded with dust, as in many other Mexican restaurants. The server lacked a little bit in personality, but was always polite with prompt service. The Ladies room had only one stall, which is unusual for a restaurant.

Hola Authentic Mexican Restaurant

In 2019, The shredded chicken Chimichanga was savory and tender (see photo below). And there was certainly lots of it. Lee had a pork dish that he also loved. This restaurant does NOT skimp on portions nor quality. (It must be noted that the big chunks of avocado came with Lee's meal, but Karen Duquette is the avocado eater.) The plates were adequately hot and stayed hot during the entire meal. The margarita was standard, nothing special. The flan was absolutely amazing. The price was more than reasonable. The chips were fresh and crisp. The salsa was on the hot side. Most meals $10 or less. However, the food was not good in 2020.


It was easy to still have a conversation with each other while dining because there were only a couple of TV's. Only one was on and without sound of course. The background music playing in the dining area was pleasant and NOT overbearing.

Although the two RV Gypsies were sitting a good distance from the door, Lee Duquette noticed a elderly lady walked through the door with a cane. Before Lee could get up to help, younger lady got up from her bar stool and went to the door to hold the door open. Southern manners. On the way out of the restaurant, Lee complimented her on her act of kindness.

Karen Duquette and her Margarita

Note: The above comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies. This review is only meant to help the two RV Gypsies decide if they wish to return to this restaurant again. They are not connected to the restaurant in any manner. These comments do not make the restaurant good or bad in general.

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