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in South Carolina in 2019
USA map showing location of South Carolina

1a. Bring on the New Year - going from 2018 into 2019

1b. Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster, SC

1c. The two RV Gypsies celebrated their 53rd Wedding Anniversary

1d. St. Patrick's Day Celebrations - Karen wins again.

1d2. Easter, plus family time, parties, friends, and more

1e. Congaree National Park and Weston Lake in Columbia, SC

1e2. Hola Mexican Restaurant. There will be a link at the bottom of that page to return here or to check out other restaurants. If not interested in the restaurant, continue scrolling down this page for more places in South Carolina.

1f - Hatcher Garden in Spartanburg, SC

1g - History/size comparisons and photos of The Peachoid in SC and Alabama

1h - Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC - 3 pages

1i - Landsford Canal State Park and the famous Spider Lilies

1J - Camera Club outing to the Railroad Trestle in Fort Mill, SC

1K - Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC

1L - Segway tour in Greenville, SC

1M - Stumpy Pond Photography trip with the camera club

1N - Scarecrow Crawl - downtown Fort Mill

1P- Cat's Paw Winery

1Q - The Wall That Heals

1R - Halloween costume contests in SC & NC 2019

1S - a very special Veterans' Day Celebration

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