The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
The two RV Gypsies came to a real Wonderland of Rocks waiting for them to explore at Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona. This forest of rock spires was eroded from layers of ash deposited by the Turkey Creek Volcano eruption 27 million years ago. The 8-mile paved scenic drive and 18 miles of day-use hiking trails provide opportunities to discover the beauty, natural sounds, and inhabitants of this 11,985 acre site.
Chiricahua National Munument sign
Chiricahua wilderness area notice
The Chiricahua Mountains are one of the many "sky island" ranges in southern Arizona. They rise like islands from the surrounding grassland "sea". Plants and animals from four ecosystems; Rocky Mountains, Sierra Madre Mountains, Sonoran and Chiricahuan Deserts, meet here.
Signs stated that everyone should watch for black bear, mountain lions, Arizona white-tail deer, coatimundis, snakes and lizards, and a variety of birds. But the two RV Gypsies did not see any wildlife when they were here, except deer.
Approaching Chiricahua National Park - April 18, 2009
Below: wild deer
wild deer
wild deer

Below; The two RV Gypsies took a 7.3 mile hike up the mountain, which took almost all day because it was a very strenuous hike as shown in the photos below. They also ventured off on several 1.1 mile loops such as the Heart of Rocks Loop that has many of the most unusual rock formations in the monument. Lots of rock steps make this a challenging loop, but the two RV Gypsies thought it was worth the effort.

The Lower Rhyolite Canyon Trail began as an easy level walk in the lower canyon forest, but soon climbed up Rhyolite Canyon. Then the two RV Gypsies came to Sarah Deming Canyon which went up 880 feet to reach the top of the ridge. These photos show the difficulty of the trail, followed by the unbelievable scenery from the top of the mountain. So scroll down and enjoy.

Lee Duquette at the start of the trail
Karen Duquette at the start of the trail
Below: Karen Duquette on the easy part of The Lower Rhyolite Canyon Trail
Karen Duquette on the easy part of the trail
Karen Duquette checking her camera
Below: Then the trail got strenuous
OMG - what a rough trail
lee Duquette on the trail
Karen Duquette on the trail
Karen Duquette on the trail
Lee checks the map
Below: Karen Duquette hesitated before stepping up a rock that was almost knee high.
Karen has to step up over a big rock
Karen has to step up over a big rock
Below: Karen Duquette had to step up onto another big rock, then around several smaller rocks. The walking stick came in handy.
Karen has to step up over a big rock
Karen on the trail
a very rocky uphill trail
Karen Duquette on the trail
Lee Duquette on the rocky trail
Lee Duquette on the rocky trail
Lee Duquette pauses to admire the scenery
Karen Duquette pauses to catch her breath
Lee Duquette
Lee admires the view
Lee Duquette on the trail
Below: A big rock blocked a very narrow path, but Lee Duquette conquered the challenge.
A big piece of rock in the middle of a narrow trail
Lee on "the steps"
Lee Duquette beside the tree
in the middle of the trail.
See Lee Duquette's head as the trail that took him
between large rocks.
can you find Lee by the tree?
Lee's head  can barely be seen above the rock
Below: Lee and Karen Duquette - the two RV Gypsies - VERY TIRED and they still had to finish the trail and then go back down to their car - (They really were tired, but not as tired as they made themselves appear in the photos).
Lee takes a much needed break
Karen is so tired and now it is time to start back down the trail
next adventure of the two RV gypsies Now that you saw the difficult hike up the mountain, click here for the breath-taking scenery at the top of the mountain, including The Heart of Rocks area which has the most unusual named formations; Duck on a Rock, Punch and Judy, Kissing Rocks, and Big Balanced Rock, and more.