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The two RV Gypsies entered Virginia, stopped at the Virginia rest station,
photographed the three I-81 Crosses
, some water towers and more as they drove,
then finally arrived at the Campground
July 10, 2023

The two RV Gypsies at the Welcome to Virginia sign

The Crooked Road sign
Virginia's Heritage Music tRail sign

Below: While driving on Interstate 81 through Virginia in their RV, the two RV Gypsies saw 3 Crosses and 2 USA Flags near Exit 296. So Karen Duquette quickly snapped a photo through the window of their moving RV. The crosses were erected by a large church along Route 55. Later, Karen read that the church was recently sold, but you might be able to drive there and get a closer look at this proud display behind the building. The two RV Gypsies were in their RV, not their tow car, so they were unable to try to get closer.

three Crosses and two USA flags

Below: The back side of two interesting vehicles.

an interesting Chevrolet turck We the People and Eagle
driving on to the campground

Below: At various points along the way in Virginia, Karen Duquette photographed several water towers that caught her eye.

Aqua water tower in Virginia Central High School water tower in Virginia
Woodstock water tower Troutman water tower

Below: One of The Two RV Gypsies favorite water tower - with apples - in Mount Jackson, Virginia

an apple water tower

Below: The two RV Gypsies arrived at North Fork Resort Campground in Front Royal, Virginia. They came here to visit a friend who was initially available, but due to sudden circumstances in their lives, the two RV Gypsies soon learned that they were not going to be able to see their friends during this trip.

North Fork Resort Campground information North Fork Resort Campground nformation
North Fork Resort Campground information

Below: After checking in at the guard station, the two RV Gypsies noticed that the entry road was paved, but very narrow with small ditches on each side. That could be a problem of two RVs met at the same time, but since check-in and check-out times determine which way and when the RVs will travel, an RV usually only meets cars while entering or exiting the campground.

guard house and entrance to campground narrow paved road

Below: A stop sign at a railroad crossing inside the campground, that has obviously not been used in quite a long time.

stop sign at a railroad crossing overgrown grass on the railroad tracks

Below: At the beginning, roads were paved, but NOT in the section that the two RV Gipsies were assigned. The paved road ares are often for long-term and permanent RVs in most campgrounds.

RV and the paved road RV and the paved road

Below: The pools for the campground, which the two RV Gypsies did not use. The weather was hot enough, but the two RV Gypsies are usually too busy exploring the area to use the pools. By the time they return each evening to their RV, the pools are usually closed.

campground swimming pool

Below: The site that the two RV Gypsies were assigned and as usual it was a dirt and gravel site, as was the adjoining road.

the RV of the Two RV Gypsies Lee duquette

Below: While taking pictures of the campsite, Karen Duquette noticed her very long-legged shadow on the roadway. So of course, she took a photo,.

Karen Duquette's shadow

Below: It is a good thing that the two RV Gypsies seldom, if ever, use the picnic table at their site because they are usually not in good condition. Plus they are usually located right next to their neighbor's sewer connection, which is disgusting. And some campgrounds ask that visitors do not move the picnic tables.

yucky picnic table yucky picnic table

Below: The view leaving the campsite of the two RV Gypsies. There was a catch-and-release fishing pond, but Karen Duquette did not photograph that.

unpaved rocky road

look below

go to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies Then it was time for the two RV Gypsies to explore the small town of Front Royal, Virginia.


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