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The two RV Gypsies on their 30th Segway tour
this time with Triad Trolleys
Segs 'N City Tour
in Winston-Salem, NC
May 21, 2022
Phone 336.722.7777 for reservations

Besides the Segway, they also have electric-bike excursions, Paddlefit lessons and tours, trolley tours and more to offer.

Segway tour building Segway NC license plate



Troad eco Adventure banner
The two RV Gypsies on their Segvways
The two RV Gypsies on their Segvways on a bridge
The two RV Gypsies reast at a  water fountain
a wall of water The Winston-Salem tea-pot
The two RV Gypsies on their Segways
Winston-Salem water tower

There were Lots of Water Towers in the area. The two RV Gypsies photographed them because their great-granddaughter loves water towers for some reason.

Winston-Salem water tower WF lofts water tower
two water towers two water towers

Before the tour, the two RV Gypsies stopped at Reynolds Park for a picnic lunch.

Reynolds Park sign

Before the Segway, tour, the two RV Gypsies also stopped in the Old Salem Visitor Center and then crossed over the Heritage Bridge to walk around Old Salem.

Old Salem Visitor Center

Below: Karen Duquette took a photo of the doorway and there was a ghost in the photo (NO, not the image of Karen taking the photo, but the white hair ghost with the see-through body ,

a ghost in the windowlaughing clipart dude

Below: Leaving the Visitor’s Center, the two RV Gypsies noticed the Old Salem Heritage Bridge, also known as Old Salem Pedestrian Bridge in some articles. The bridge was erected in 1998 and was designed in a style that would have been similar to those that had been erected by the Moravian community in the past. Although it is a modern covered bridge, it has the appearance of an older bridge, erected to fit into the design of the historic area. The bridge provides a safe way to access Old Salem from the Visitor’s Center.This covered bridge was erected with a Burr arch truss and spans one hundred and twenty feet over Old Salem Road. It features a single span supported by concrete abutments at each end.

Old Salem Heritage Bridge

Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina that was originally settled by the Moravian community in 1766. This small city features a living history museum that interprets the restored Moravian community. The non-profit organization began its work in 1950, although some private residents had restored buildings earlier. As the Old Salem Historic District, it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966. and expanded in 2016. The district showcases the culture of the Moravian settlement in North Carolina during the 18th and 19th centuries, communal buildings, churches, houses, and shops.

Old Salem Heritage Bridge sign

Below: The Moravian Star hangs in the center of the Heritage Bridge. The star’s origin starts with the Moravian Church. According to the church's website, these stars came about from geometry lessons. Moravian boarding school students in Germany made these intricate stars during class, and religious leaders and church workers brought these stars along with them while doing missionary work during the nineteenth century.

In the Moravian religion, the star is symbolic of God, and is often correlated with the star of Bethlehem, which has led to an association of these stars with advent during the Christmas season. While this symbolic form is still used in the church, many people have adopted it into their homes as secular statement decor with no religious affiliation.

Moravian star Moravian star
Welcome to historic Old Salem sign

Below: An antique gun hung on the front of a building in the historic Moravian community of Old Salem.

antique gun
flowers flower

Lee Duquette just had to play with the old-style water pump and make water spill out.

Lee Duquete and a water pump

Below: Leaving the Old Salem area, and going into downtown Salem

art reflecting building

While in the area, the two RV Gypsies also went to Quarry Park. Karen Duquette was trying out a new camera and experimenting with settings, The rock shown below was gray, not blue.

Karen Duquette at Quarry Park The Quarry Park Rock

Below: Another view of the Quarry rock

Below: A close up of another big rock

The Quarry Park Rock colorful boulder

Lee Duquette found a very unique place
to take a rest.

The public restroom building was also unique because it was made with lots of rocks.

Lee Duquette resting restroom made of stones

Below: Different views of the raised walk platform

the raised walk platform the raised walk platform
Lee Duquette under the raised walk platform the raised walk platform

Below: Once up on the raised platform, the two RV Gypsies saw that the fence was covered with locks. Karen Duquette could only photograph a small portion of the locks, because there were other people walking around, blocking the view of the other locks.

locks on the fence

Below: Several different views of the Quarry. Some were taken from the platform shown above, and some were taken from the ground level.

view of the Quarry view of the Quarry
view of the Quarry view of the Quarry
view of the Quarry rocks view of the Quarry rocks

The two RV Gypsies really loved the different colors in the walls of the quarry.

view of the Quarry rpcls view of the Quarry rocks
view of the Quarry rocks

NC Geology sign

look below

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