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The two RV Gypsies at Quarry Park
in Winston-Salem, NC
May 21, 2022 & May 10, 2023

In May 2022 and again in May 2023, the two RV Gypsies went to Quarry Park, which is just a 5-minute drive from downtown.

history book When mining operations on the site stopped in the late 1970s, the quarry filled with water and eventually became a 200-foot deep, 12 acre-lake. Vulcan Materials Company donated the land to the city, and in 2017, the property reopened as a public park. While there are overlooks, the highlight is a pedestrian pier that jets out 100 feet over the blue lake (shown below), offering magnificent views of the surrounding cliffs and the city's panoramic skyline. Paved parking, hiking and walking paths are on the 200-acre property.

Sometime between the two RV Gypsies visits in 2022 and 2023, a playground was added.

Below: In 2022, Karen Duquette was trying out a new Nikon camera and experimenting with settings, The rock shown below was gray, not blue. Most, but not all, of these pictures are from 2022.

Karen Duquette at Quarry Park The Quarry Park Rock

Below: Another view of the Quarry rock

Below: A close up of another big rock

The Quarry Park Rock colorful boulder

Below: Lee Duquette found a very unique place to take a rest in 2022.

Lee Duquette resting

Below: The public restroom building was also unique because it was made with lots of rocks.

2022 photo

2023 photo while on the 2023 Segway tour

restroom made of stones restroom made of stones

Below: 2023 photos while on the Segway tour

Karen Duquette in 2023 The two RV Gypsies in 2023

Below: Different views of the raised walk platform in 2022

the raised walk platform the raised walk platform
Lee Duquette under the raised walk platform the raised walk platform

Below: Once up on the raised platform, the two RV Gypsies saw that the fence was covered with locks. Karen Duquette could only photograph a small portion of the locks, because there were other people walking around, blocking the view of the other locks. Below: - 2022 and 2023 photos.

locks on the fence Karen Duquette and the keys in 2023

Below: Several different views of the Quarry. Some were taken from the platform shown above, and some were taken from the ground level.

view of the Quarry view of the Quarry
view of the Quarry view of the Quarry
view of the Quarry rocks view of the Quarry rocks

The two RV Gypsies really loved the different colors in the walls of the quarry.

view of the Quarry rpcls view of the Quarry rocks
view of the Quarry rocks
NC Geology sign

Below: A few flowers by the walkway at the Quarry

flower at the Quarry flower at the Quarry
flower at the Quarry

look below

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