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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
The Dreher Shoals Dam Walk
1832 N. Lake Drive
in Lexington, SC
April 27, 2022

The Columbia area’s newest walking pathway is directly across the top of the Dreher Shoals Dam along S.C. Highway 6. It is a popular place for walking and jogging. The distance is 1.7 miles each way for a total walk of 3.4 miles. The walkway offers spectacular views of Lake Murray and even the downtown Columbia skyline 11 miles away. There is no fee to walk across the dam, and there was a small parking area just before the bridge that was free and open to walkers. But several other parking areas nearby charged a fee.

Dreher Shoals Dam sign Karen Duquette by the walkway sign

Below: View from the beginning of the walk direction, showing a small portion of Lake Murray, which in totality is 41 miles long, 14 miles wide at tits widest point and about 640 miles of shoreline.

view of Lake Murray from the bridge view of Lake Murray from the bridg

Below: Looking across the street, only a small portion of the top of the dam can be seen.

Below: A photo showing the walkway
from the other side of the street.

top of the dam View from the other side of the street

Below: Views taken while driving towards the dam

roadway view roadway view

This was a relaxing walk on a very nice day. Lee Duquette liked the variety of locks that were hung on the fence, so he took a lot of photos.

locks on the fence a big lock and lots of smaller locks
locks on the fence
something long on the fence duck locks

The walkway is only on one side of the street. It is not very wide, but on this date, there was not a lot of walkers or runners so The Two RV Gypsies found it to be a relaxing experience.

locks in a heart Karen Duquette and the locks
a heart up high on the fence chain, hearts and other stuff
Micky Mouse chain a long loop chain
rows of black locks a big Letter T on the fence

Unlike most other places where locks were hung, there was also a variety of other, unique stuff hung on the fence.

paw print and flowers on the fence a big shoe on the fence
a chain and locks on the fence a coffee cup on the fence
a backwards J on the fence with locks a long string of locks on a backwards J
State of Texas and locks two joined hearts on the fence
purple ribbons and a sign a glob on the fence
locks on the fence bird

One big bird kept flying back and forth over the heads of The Two RV Gypsies, and it was a challenge to get a decent photo.

bird bird

Below: As always a panorama photo makes it look like two walkways or a curved walkway, but in reality, it is only one straight walkway.

panorama photo and Karen Duquette

Below:Time for The Two RV Gypsies too turn around and head back to the parking lot.

the far end of the fence
view of the parking lot one last look

The two photos below were taken to show the purple ribbons blowing in the light breeze.

purple ribbons blowing in the light breeze purple ribbons blowing in the light breeze

Below: A view from the parking lot.

view from the parking lot

look below

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