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The two RV Gypsies at Melrose Falls
Saluda, North Carolina
August 19, 2021

USA map showing location of North Carolind

Melrose Falls Trail is just over 1 mile in length, each way. The beginning of the trail (shown in the photo below) was a bit steep, but not too long in length.

the uphill entry to Melrose Falls Lee Duquette on the trail

The two RV Gypsies were stunned by the long vine coming down from the very tall tree. Then it crossed the trail and wrapped itself in a circle and continued the climb up the hill on the other side of the trail. Amazing.

very tall tree with a snake-like vine
Lee Duquette and the thick vine

Quite a bit of trail was on a slight incline upwards, and had lots of obstacles on the path.

Lee Duquette on the trail Lee Duquette on the trail to Melrose Falls
rocks Lee Duquette on the trail to Melrose Falls

Below: Karen Duquette liked the giant roots wrapping around a very thick tree and Lee Duquette liked the big boulders on the side of the trail.

tree roots above ground big boulders

Below: Time to maneuver down the rocks and through the stream of water.

Lee Duquette getting down the rocks and through the water Lee Duquette getting down the rocks and through the water
water on the trail

This is only rated as a moderate hike, but the trail was not maintained, Luckily someone told the two RV Gypsies to be sure to turn left when the trail split or they would not have known which way to go,

water on the trail Lee Duquette on the trail
Lee Duquette on the trail to Melrose Falls

Oh Oh! Looks like the two two RV Gypsies are not going any further.

risky sign

Once reaching the above sign, the final descent to Melrose Falls is extremely steep and leads to a cliff that overlooks the falls. As a matter of fact, after looking over the situation as shown in the photos below, the two RV Gypsies knew that they would not be able to reach the cliff to view the falls because they were not willing to climb over and around the big boulders shown below, because it was obvious that a fall could be deadly. The descent would definitely be more difficult than it appears in the photos. And since nobody else was around, and cell phones do not work here, they really did not want to attempt something this difficult.

the final descent very steep boulders to climb over

The two RV Gypsies were quite tired and they were struggling to make the hike back to their car because it was really too hot to be hiking. Temperatures were in the 90's and they were really sweating and uncomfortable. Karen Duquette really needed to rest because she realized she wasn't even walking straight at that point, so she threw her hat and sunglasses on the ground because she was so frustrated, and wanted to find a spot to take a break. Lee put on Karen's hat and sunglasses on and told her to take a picture. She only took one photo because she just felt like she needed a rest. Unfortunately the camera lens was very fogged up, so it was not a good picture. It was just a disappointing hike. They had already hiked to Pearson's Falls and had planned to hike to a third waterfall, but that was not going to happen.

Lee Duquette

look below

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