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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed murals, benches, painted roads
and The Pots on Parade
in Lincolnton, NC
January 30, 2021

USA map showing location of North CarolinaNorth Carolina map showing location of Lincolnton
Historic Lincolnton sign

Lincolnton is a city in Lincoln County, NC within the Charlotte Metropolitan area, just northwest of Charlotte, and just an hour from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the city of Asheville. Lincolnton has a total area of 8.7 square miles.

Christman banner on Main Street in Lincolnton NC Lincolnton clock

Below: The 'United We Stand' street mural is meant to reach not only the African American community but every minority living in Lincolnton. Its aim is to promote unity and racial equality. Because it is obviously in the middle of a road, and quite long in length, Karen Duquette was unable to get a decent photo.

United We Stand road painting United We Stand road painting

Below: Signs Of The Times

Signs Of The Times Signs Of The Times

Standing on Main Street up above another street, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed a view of the Carolina Diner mural on a wall. They did not get up close to the mural, but they believe they spotted Clark Gable, Spock and Captain Kirk, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chan, and Louie Armstrong. They were not sure who the other patrons in the mural are.

Carolina Diner Mural
Carolina Diner Mural Wrigley's Spearmint Gum mural

Karen Duquette
dressed for the cold weather

A football shaped grill
outside of a restaurant on Main Street.

a very cold Karen Duquette A football shaped grill

The two RV Gypsies stood on Main Street in Lincolnton, North Carolina, and looked down at part of the Maria H. Cloninger Rail Trail - a 1.6 mile paved trail. What really caught their attention was the train mural on one side of the trail and smaller window murals on the other side of the trail.

murals in windows train mural
train mural

Below: Unique benches along Main Street.

bicycle bench
bench on Main Street History in the making bench

Below: Pots on Parade: A public art and tourism initiative organized by the Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton.  The two RV Gypsies photographed nine life-sized vases that were on display along East Main Street. Each vase had a different face on each side of the vase, except the first one shown by the sign below. It was the same on both sides.

Pots on Parade plaque Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase
Pots on Parade vase Pots on Parade vase

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