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The two RV Gypsies
at Redbone Willy's Trading Co.
6533 Fallston Road
Lawndale, NC 28090
(Cleveland County)
January 30, 2021

USA map showing location of North CarolinaNC map showing location of Lawndale
partial outside of Redbone Willy's

Below: At first, the two RV Gypsies were not sure if this was just a store, but they were glad to see a giant menu posted outside by the red entrance door.

entrance to Redbone Willy's  Redbone Willy's menu posted outside

Entering the red door (shown above) which is located a bit to the left (and not quite shown in the picture below), the two RV Gypsies ordered their food inside, then exited the building from a door on the far right of the picture shown below. Then they carried their food to outside to another door and room way to left, past the red entrance door, where they found tables to sit at and eat. They had the room to themselves. Karen Duquette had soup and Lee Duquette had a hot dog. The Chicken Dumpling soup was full of chicken and very good.

porch at Redbone Willy's

Below: Inside the "dining" room, there were 4 dining tables.

Blackboard dining table
dining area dining area

After eating, the two RV Gypsies explored the store. It was very large and had a lot of Vintage clothing that may not be found anywhere else. Plus jewelry, shoes, boots, hats and more. Karen Duquette bought some fancy sunglasses. Below are some photos of interesting items.

Hillbilly Mudd Hot Chow Chow

Below: A few items for sale that reminded the two RV Gypsies of items from the 1950's and 60's

Coke soda bottles

look below

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