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The two RV Gypsies went to Zane's Landing Park
at the west end of Market Street
Zanesville, Ohio
July 12, 2020
USA map showing location of Ohiolocation of Zanesville

historyHome of Zanesville’s Eternal Flame, the only eternal flame memorial dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients in the U.S. - Zanesville's Bicentennial Legacy Monument plays tribute to four important people in local history - John McIntire, Noah Norris, Zane Grey and John Glenn. Zane's Landing Park is also the starting point of Zanesville’s recreational bike/hike trail and the home of the Lorena Sternwheeler. Boat dock is available. Concerts and special events are often held here.

pavillion at Zane's Landing
Muskingum River Muskingum River

The Eternal Flame Memorial in Zane's Landing Park claims to be the only eternal flame memorial in the country that is dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients. The flame sits atop two granite disks, one with the insignias of each of the military branches, The second larger one lists Medal of Honor recipients. It was dedicated in 1998.

Eternal Flame Plaque at Zane's Landing

When the two RV Gypsies first visited The Eternal Flame, the flame had been blown out by the wind. But when they returned on another day, the flame was lit once again. Karen photographed it from several angles to show the different inscriptions all around the monument.

Air Force and Marine Corps Emblems

Coast Guard and Army Emblems

Air Force & Marine Corps Emblem on the Eternal Flame Coast Guard & Army Emblems on the Eternal  Flame

Army and; Navy Emblems

Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard emblems

Army & Navy Emblems on The Eternal Flame Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard emblems on TheEternal Flame

Navy emblem center with the flame lit

the Eternal Flame

Navy emblem on the Eternal Flame the Eternal Flame>

In front of these plaques and the eternal flame are the POW/MIA flag, the United States of America's flag, and the Ohio State flag.

Ohio State flag

Below: A sculpture of a soldier and a sculpture of boots and a helmet. Plaques placed alongside these sculptures honor those from Muskingum County who died during the Iraqi Conflict and in the Republic of Vietnam.

sculpture of a soldier boots and a helmet sculpture
plaque plaque
Col. Ebenzer Zane plaque plaque and USA flag

The biggest sculpture the park contains, dedicated in 1999, is the Bicentennial Commemoration statue of John McIntire, Noah Norris, Zane Grey, and John H. Glenn, Jr. There is a plaque to the right of the sculpture that gives a little information about these important people. The sculpture is atop a mound and surrounded by a brick path which allows for a 360-degree view of it. The belt buckle on John H. Glenn has the word NASA on it.

Bicentennial Commemoration plaque Bicentennial Commemoration plaque
Bicentennial Commemoration sculpture Bicentennial Commemoration sculpture

The Lorena Sternwheeler is moored at Zane's Landing Park at the west end of Market Street in downtown Zanesville and offers excursions on the Muskingum River. She can carry 75 passengers and is 104 feet long, 17 feet wide. The hull is 68.5 feet and draws 2.5 feet of water. The Lorena weighs over 59 tons and is available for public rides, birthday parties, anniversaries, twilight cruises, and charters. This Muskingum County treasure travels up the Historic Muskingum River Water Trail and offers a relaxed and pleasant ride through wide waters, passing scenic woodlands. She has carried governors, Miss Americas, Pat Boone, and the Imperials. The Lorena survived the Blizzard of 78. The riverboat was within a quarter-inch of capsizing. Call '800.743.2303 or '740.455.8282 to schedule. Do NOT contact the Two RV Gypsies for information.

Lorena Sternwheele 2020 schedule
Lorena Sternwheeler Lorena Sternwheeler

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