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The two RV Gypsies went to the Butterfly Habitat
14000 International Road
Cumberland, Ohio 43732 (Muskingum County)
July 11, 2020

USA state showing location of  OhioMap of Ohio showing location of Cumberland
location of the Wilds in Ohio

historyThe Wilds is an Open-air Safari with the chance of seeing open-range animals (or maybe not). Cost is $30 a person. So the cost and the hot temperature on this day caused the Two RV Gypsies not to visit the Wilds)

But they did go across the street to The Butterfly Habitat. A walking trail winds through a 10-acre area of prairie, wetland, and woodland that has been planted with flowering plants selected especially to encourage butterflies to flourish. This is available to visitors during regular hours at no additional charge (a $6/vehicle parking fee still applies). The two RV Gypsies did not explore The Wilds at all. They simply walked a bit in The Butterfly Habitat that was a complete disappointment. Very few flowers and no butterflies were seen on this date.

The Wilds sign Butterfly Habitat sign
Butterfly Habitat sig sign

This Butterfly Habitat is an important ecology project with over 12 acres of grassland enriched with native flowering plants to attract and provide habitat for many species of butterflies. However, The Two RV Gypsies did not see any butterflies on this date.

flowers flowers

Below: The Amazing Purple Passion flower. (Passiflora Incarnata)

flower flower
flower flower and bee

look below

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