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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed a picnic and more
at Historic Lock #10
on the Muskingum River at Canal Park
Zanesville, Ohio
July 11, 2020
USA map showing location of Ohiolocation of Zanesville

historyHistoric Lock #10 in the Muskingum River at Canal Park in Zanesville, Ohio was one of the last few period-correct, hand-operated canal locks in the country. The park is accessible near Zanesville's distinctive Y-Bridge. This is now a place of tranquility and a step back in time, so the two RV Gypsies enjoyed a picnic lunch here.

Zanesville's lock master used to live in a house near the lock, and that house still stands on the elongated island between the main course of the river and the canal containing the locks.

The Muskingum River is a roughly 112-mile-long waterway in southeastern Ohio that was once an important corridor for business within the state and beyond. Commercial traffic on the Muskingum has long since faded away, but the river does have a devoted following of fishers and boaters who sail down it from all over the state.

Historic Lock #10 Canal Park sign Muskingum River

Below: A sign in in Canal Park about The Historic National Road in Ohio and the Y-Bridge.

Y-Bridge sign
Historic Lock #10 bridge on the Muskingum River underneath view of the bridge
flower and a bee at Canal Park flowers at Canal Park

Below: Birds and ducks under the Y-Bridge

birds on the Muskingum River birds on the Muskingum River
ducks in the Muskingum River

look below

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