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The two RV Gypsies
drove across the Famous "Y" Bridge
in Zanesville, Ohio
July 2020

USA map showing location of Ohio location of Zanesville

historyA three-way bridge called the "Y-Bridge" spans the confluence of the Licking and the Muskingum Rivers. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is one of very few bridges of its type in the United States. The unique shape of a three-way bridge makes it easy to identify from an airplane. Pilot Amelia Earhart described Zanesville, Ohio as "the most recognizable city in the country" because of its Y-shaped bridge.

It has been rebuilt numerous times since the 1850s. Visitors to the city are often surprised when they receive directions including the statement, "Drive to the middle of the bridge and turn right." New York City's Triborough Bridge spanning the confluence of the East River, Harlem River, and Bronx Kill has some topographic similarities to the Y Bridge, but it consists of three separate bridges which meet at an island junction in the middle of the water.

Below: Aerial view photo of the Y Bridge and the Y-Dam
photo from,_Ohio)

The Y Bridge

Below: Panorama taken by Karen Duquette as The Two RV Gypsies drove on The Y Bridge. Nice flower baskets hanging on the bridge.

panorama of the Y Bridge
flower baksets on the Y Bridge Muskingum River sign
Y Bridge sign Y Bridge sign

Below: Photos of The Y Bridge were taken by Karen Duquette from Putnum Hill Park and from Historic Lock #10 Canal Park.

The Y Bridge The Y Bridge
The Y Bridge The Y Bridge
The Y Bridge The Y Bridge
The Y Bridge

Below: The Y Bridge Dam (also shown in the aerial photo at the top of this page).

The Y Bridge Dam The Y Bridge Dam
The Y Bridge Dam The Y Bridge Dam
The Y Bridge Dam The Y Bridge Dam
The Y Bridge Dam The Y Bridge Dam

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