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Pensacola, Florida
Admiral Mason Park & Veterans Memorial Park

Admiral Mason Park is a 5.5-acre City of Pensacola park located in the Hawkshaw area along Pensacola Bay, at the intersection of 9th Avenue and Bayfront Parkway.

From the 1950s to the early 80s it was the site of a baseball stadium called Admiral Mason Park. The ballpark was named in honor of Charles P. Mason, a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy and two-time Mayor of Pensacola. After the stadium was demolished, the land was partitioned to create the adjacent Veterans Memorial Park. The remaining undeveloped space was used informally for soccer and other sports, and for overflow parking during festivals and events in the Seville Square Historic District. Due to occasional flooding, the park is not longer used for sports.

sign: Admiral Mason Park water fountain and pond at Admiral Mason Park
the two RV Gypsies at Admiral Mason Park Karen Duquette on her Segway
Admiral Mason Park
Karen Duquette on a Segway, flowers amd a pond ducks and flowers

Veterans Memorial Park, S 10th Ave, Pensacola is dedicated to the memories of those who sacrificed their lives in the defense of this nation.

CREDIT: Comments about the memorials are from

Below: "The Marine Aviation Memorial Tower pays tribute to those men and women of America who swore an oath to defend this nation by serving with Marine Aviation in all warfare specialties, including those Marines who have maintained, crewed, controlled and supported Marine Aviation training and operations. The Memorial is dedicated to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this great nation. "

The Marine Aviation Memorial Tower The Marine Aviation Memorial Tower

Below - The Purple Heart Memorial: "The Purple Heart is the oldest American military combat honor still in existence. Awarded to those who are wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States, the Purple Heart is a symbol of courage and dedication in the face of mortal danger. The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the President of the United States to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving under competent authority in any capacity with one of the U.S. Armed Services after April 5, 1917, has been wounded or killed. This monument is dedicated to those honorable and brave individuals."

The Purple Heart Memorial

Below - World War I Monument: "Veterans Memorial Park is home to Pensacola's World War I Monument. This marble memorial was moved from it's Garden street location, to Veterans Memorial Park by the Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida (VVNF). As the number of WW I Vets was declining, and the fact they were unable to raise the needed funds to accomplish this task, it became part of the overall effort by VVNF to open Veterans Memorial Park and Wall South to the community in order remember the men and women who died in the service of our Country, whether in time of war or in peace."

World War I Monument

Below - World War II monument: "The monument is designed to represent the entire national effort in WW II, highlighting those who formed the tip of the spear in this effort, the combat troops. Be they Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Air Corp., or Merchant Marine. The design consists of a 12 foot high centerpiece of a white marble Roman numeral II faced with a bronze V for victory. Surrounding the centerpiece, are larger than life bronze figures, representing the American fighting forces and the women that served. The molds used for the figures of this monument are available for use by any other organization. Rental fee is $20000 per mold. Ground breaking for the World War II monument was performed on Veterans Day 2001. Dedication was held on November 16 2002, after the planned Veterans Day dedication was rained out."

World War II monument World War II monument

Below - Korean War Monument: "In 2004 the hundreds of local veterans of Korea began action to recognize the values of that war. They were aided by willing volunteers, and together raised $350,000 to place a memorial honoring all who served. That memorial now stands alongside monuments recognizing sacrifices of those who served in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. The committee of veterans and citizens selected Judge Tarbuck to be the campaign chairman. Co-Chairman was Lieutenant General Robert Keller, USMC, retired. General Keller was a Major when fighting as a pilot over 50 years ago. The memorial is located within a few yards of the WWII memorial completing the Veterans Park along Bay Front Parkway. The memorial is oval shaped, with a tall granite plaque in the center which shows the outline of Korea, and selected data about the war. Three bronze figures represent ALL of the military services, and, especially those who fought on the ground. One figure illustrates humanitarian efforts by allies on behalf of the Korean people. Two bronze statues accurately depict an ongoing battle with a platoon commander and his radio operator. The statues were completed by Captain Robert Rasmussen, USN, retired, and Mr. Randy New, a local school teacher."

Korean War Monument Korean War Monument
soldier with roses

Below: "Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Park is the home to Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida's Wall South, a one half scale model of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Wall South is 256 feet long, each wing is 128 feet long, and consists of 32 panels per wing. Height at the center is 8 feet 2 inches and descends in height to two inches at the ends As noted earlier, the Wall South lists the names of all 58,219 men and women listed as KIA or MIA from the war in Vietnam. The names are inscribed in the black granite face of the two walls."

Blue Star Memorial sign U.S. Marine Helicoptor
Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida's Wall South Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida's Wall South

Below - Monument to Children: "A bronze statue of a little girl wearing a soldier’s combat helmet represents the bravery and sacrifice of all children who endured the difficulty of having deployed family members. This monument was presented by the Children of America’s Twentieth Century Heroes on Veterans Day, 2000. Entitled, "Homecoming,” this statue depicts a hopeful child, awaiting her father’s return. "

Monument to Children

Below: "Submarine Vets: Submarine Lifeguard League refers to operations assigned to Pacific Fleet Submarines from 1943 through 1945. Submarines assigned were to patrol close inshore during aerial bombardment of enemy held islands and to perform rescue duties for any aircraft shot down while in the target area. Starting in 1943, with the Gilbert Islands campaign and concluding at the cessation of hostilities in 1945. The record success shows that 503 Aviators and crew were rescued and the 504th being none other than former President George W. Bush. Many of these rescues were conducted under heavy enemy fire which gravely endangered the boat and its 87 crew members. Nor was it the most popular duty among the Submarines that were assigned. However they replied simply "Aye, Aye Sir! Then simply went out and did a superlative job."

Submareine Vets Monument

Below -The Minuteman Memorial: "The Minutemen statue honors the soldiers who sacrificed everything in efforts for U.S. independence. Cast from the same mold as the Concord Minutemen of 1775 statue, the statues’ features are based on what a minuteman of that era would favor. These soldiers were units of militia who underwent extensive training to be prepared for war at a minute’s notice. "

The Minuteman Memorial:
Freedom is Not Free -  U.S. Navy bench Freedom is Not Free - U.S. Marine Corps bench
Freedom is Not Free - U.S. Coast Guard bench Freedom is Not Free - U.S. Air Force Bench
Freedom is Not Free - U.S. Army bench Freedom is Not Free - U.S. Civilians bench

Below: The Hawkshaw Lagoon Memorial Park was designed and has been designated to serve as the National Memorial to Missing Children.

"Not only a place of solace for families and friends of missing children, but also an open classroom for the Pensacola's history and rich nature. Every day, in this country alone, 2,300 children are reported missing. A majority are runaways, but unfortunately many are abducted by non-custodial relatives or strangers."

sign: The Hawkshaw Lagoon Memorial Park boardwalk to The Hawkshaw Lagoon Memorial Park
The Sanctuary monument sign: the Sanctuary
U.S. Flag and POW flag

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