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sign: Remington Nture Center

The two RV Gypsies at
Remington Nature Center of St. Joseph
1502 MacArthur Drive
St. Joseph, Missouri 64505
phone '816.271.5499
May 13, 2016

Overlooking the Missouri River, this center caters to history and nature buffs alike. The Remington Nature Center of St. Joseph provides an opportunity for education and interpretation of nature and conservation, relative to the significance of the Missouri River and Northwest Missouri. The City of St. Joseph utilizes the 13,000 square foot center for educational purposes in an entertaining and enjoyable environment. With the variety of displays and information available, the center appeals to people of all ages and interests. Several interactive components allow people to use their senses to learn about and appreciate the natural environment, as well as the events that impacted nature in and around Northwest Missouri.

The two RV Gypsies decided to take a walk on the Riverwalk - and of course a train had to pass nearby.

It had been pouring rain just a bit earlier and it was a little bit chilly outside. The two RV Gypsies waited in the car for awhile until the rain stopped. Karen Duquette put her "Women's Memorial Rain Hat" on over top of her hoodie. Lee thought Karen looked silly.

Below: The wetlands viewpoint - plus one of the many birdhouses that were hanging throughout the park.

The Missouri River

The above sign said the pond water is orange, but it sure was not orange when the two RV Gypsies were here.

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It started raining again, so The two RV Gypsies paid $2 each to enter the Remington Nature Center building to see the exhibits.

A railway display inside the Nature Center Building

Lee Duquette tried to lift a piece of a railroad tie. FAIL!!!!

Pony Express Saddle with 4 small pouches for carrying mail.

Another important aspect is the portrayal of the native land and abundant plant and animal life that sustained human habitation. Many wildlife displays are inside the Nature Center Building, including a 7,000-gallon freshwater aquarium.


The nature center showcases the Missouri River and the River's force in the development of Northwest Missouri, as it relates to travel, transportation, and trade. The nature center also emphasizes the significance of Native American civilization in Northwest Missouri, by showcasing artifacts used by the tribes of this area. It is important to relate these civilizations and their relationship to the story of the Sacred Hills.

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May 13-14, 2016
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