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The two RV Gypsies drove their RV from Branson, Missouri to St. Joseph, Missouri, and along the way, they stopped at Osceola Cheese shop, home of over 250 varieties of cheese. May 12, 2016

Karen Duquette likes taking pictures through the window of their moving RV, to show the flavor of the local scenery.

travel road in Missouri

travel road in Missouri

big gun dude Amish carriage

Since this picture was taken when the two RV Gypsies could not stop their RV, they do not know the meaning or exact location of the statue shown below, but they think it may have been as they drove through the town of Council Bluff.


unhappy faceOH NO! The road (exit ramp) the two RV Gypsies needed to travel on was completely closed. They forced themselves not to panic, and had to drive several miles out of their way on the highway, exit the highway, and get back on going in the other direction. They they were able to enter I-29 ramp from the other direction. All is well that ends well!

road closed

The two RV Gypsies noticed a big billboard along the highway advertising Osceola Cheese, so they took a break from their road trip and stopped at the Osceola Cheese store. There was even room for trucks and big RVs to park. The store is located at 3700 MO-13, Osceola, Missouri - phone'417.646.8131.

 welcome to Osceola Cheese sign

USA map showing location of Missouri map of Missouri showing location of Osceola

Osceola is a city in St. Clair County, Missouri, on the Osage River. The land that became the town of Osceola was inhabited by the tribe of Native Americans who gave the river its name. Two treaties, in 1808 and 1825, signed by the Osage and the U.S. government gave up all the tribe's land in Missouri. With the way cleared for non-native settlers, more people began to arrive in the St. Clair County area in the mid-1830s. The first home was built in the future Osceola in the winter of 1835.Osceola was laid out in 1841. It was named for Osceola, chief of the Seminole tribe.

 welcome to Osceola Cheese sign

history bookOsceola Cheese Company (HOME OF OVER 250 VARIETIES OF CHEESE) was established in 1944 in downtown Osceola and was then called Riverview Cheese. In 1946 there was a new building built on the north side of the river to help facilitate the growth of the business. It continued to grow, and at that time there were 15 trucks on the road 24 hours a day collecting milk from more than 1,000 dairy farms across Missouri.

In the mid-1960s there was talk of Truman Lake, and many other changes were occurring in the area. The cheese company started making plans to move up the hill.

In 1968, when Truman Lake started to develop, they relocated up to the present location on Highway 13 and changed the name from Riverview Cheese to Osceola Cheese Company and became a retail outlet.

In 1987 the company expanded again and Ewe's in the Country gift shop was established.

They have continually grown and expanded by making exterior and interior changes to help facilitate all the tourism since the big Branson boom. They are always adding a new flavor of cheese and snack items.

Osceola Cheese now has over 250 varieties of cheese, most of which can be sampled. The cheeses range from mild cheddar cheese, chocolate cheese, to their hottest, “the ghost pepper cheese.” They also smoke their cheeses in real hickory and applewood smoked flavors to enhance the original flavor of the cheeses.

In addition to their wonderful cheeses, they have several varieties of snack sticks, summer sausage, and real beef jerky, plus a full line of Vidalia Onion dressings, meat marinades, steak sauces, hot sauces, jams, jellies, honey, and old-fashion pure sorghum.

The two RV Gypsies sampled a lot of cheeses, and bought a lot of cheese and other stuff too.

Karen Duquette and the Osceola Cheese mouse

Karen Duquette ate too much cheese

totem pole

Menu for the two RV Gypsies in St. Joseph, Missouri
May 13-14, 2016
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bullet travel to St Joseph / & Osceola Cheese Shop (this page)

bullet Sharp RV Park

bullet Remington Nature Center

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