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The two RV Gypsies went to see
The Chihuly Collection
400 Beach Drive NE
St. Petersburg, Florida
October 13, 2015

The Chihuly Collection is a permanent display of work by the Tacoma-born artist Dale Chihuly. St. Petersburg’s collection is not only one of the most impressive, but is also presented in a building that was officially approved and partially created by the master himself.

The charismatic glass sculptor enrolled in one of the country’s first university glass program in the 1960s. His work is very successful and unique, and Chihuly now has work featured in hundreds of galleries around the world. The Chihuly Collection is managed by the Morean Arts Center and set in 10,000 square feet of custom-built architecture designed by Albert Alfonso. Because of its size, the museum is able to house some of the glass artist’s grandest works. On the way in, you can’t miss Chihuly’s 20-foot high sculpture, crafted especially for the collection. Be sure to purchase the package deal or get a Groupon coupon. Otherwise this will cost more than you should pay. It is a much smaller collection than the one in Seattle.

Outside of the building: Chihuly Collection sign and Florida Rose Crystal Tower, 2010

Chihuly Collection entrance Florida Rose Crystal Tower, 2010

A Temporary Display in the lobby of the building.

Encounters in Glass postcard Encounters in Glass postcard
Red Vase with dragons Adriatico Series Blown Glass
Cone Vessel with Dolphins - blown glass Encounters in Glass display
Encounters in Glass display Encounters in Glass display
Encounters in Glass display Encounters in Glass display

The Permanent Display by Dale Chihuly

sign - Basket Forest, 2010
Lee Duquette at the Basket Forest Display a 3D dimension piece in the Basket Forest

Sunset Persian Wall

Sunset Persian Wall
Lee Duquette admires the Chihuly Collection in St. Petersburg
Chihuly label
an 8 piece display in the Chihuly Collection
Silvered Piccolo Venetian and Silvered Gilded Lemon Piccolo Venetian Silvered Gilded Scarlet Piccolo Venetian and Cobalt and Lavender Piccolo Venetian
Aquamarine Spotted Piccolo Venetian and Silvered Sunflorer Piccole Venetioan Black over Orange Venetian and Chartreuse and Black Venetian
Drawing Wall sign
The Drawing Wall
Chihuly label
Azul de Medianoche Chandelier
Carnival Chandelier Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier
Chihuly label
three Ikebanas close-up of an Ikebana
Macchia Forest sign
Lee Duquette in the Macchia Forest
Float Boat sign
Float Boat Float Boat
Float Boat
Persian Ceiling sign
Persian Ceiling Persian Ceiling
Persian Ceiling Persian Ceiling
Mille Fiori sign
Mille Fiori Mille Fiori
Mille Fiori Mille Fiori
Mille Fiori Mille Fiori
Mille Fiori Lee Duquette admiring the Mille Fiori
Blue Neon Tumbleweed sign

The Blue Neon Tumbleweed and the Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier with their scraggly glass shapes that illuminate the ceiling in various colors are the highlights of the collection.

Lee Duquette under the Blue Neon Tumbleweed The Blue Neon Tumbleweed
Ikebana Painting sign
Ikebana Painting on Acrylic
Azul Alfonso Cullet Wall sign
Azul Alfonso Cullet Wall

Note: The two RV Gypsies enjoyed this collection, but were surprised by how small it was. They saw the Chihuly Collection in Seattle earlier this year and it was a heck of a lot bigger. If you want to do so, you can check out the Seattle Collection through the link below, and then you can come back here and continue this journey.

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