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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed Devils Churn in Oregon
June 14, 2015

USA map showing location of OregonFlorence Oregon map

Devils Churn is a narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln County, Oregon, south of the city of Yachats (yes, this is the correct spelling). It is located in the Siuslaw National Forest and is accessible via the Restless Waters trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area visitor's center or the U.S. Route 101 overlook. Access to the trail requires a United States Forest Service pass.

The inlet developed over many thousands of years as wave action carved into the basalt shoreline, first forming a deep sea cave whose roof eventually collapsed. As the tide comes in it can throw spray several hundred feet into the air when the waves reach the end of the churn. Visitors are urged to be cautious when visiting the churn as it can be dangerous.

Devils Churn sign

Devils Churn began as a small fracture - a weak area in the ancient volcanic rock. Thunderous waves have gnawed at the rock for eons, eroding it away grain by grain, enlarging the crack into a chasm. As you approach, you'll feel the power of the churn like thunder in your bones, and anticipate each collision of wave and rock like bursting fireworks! Be sure to visit at High Tide.

sign: trail map of the restless waters

The two RV Gypsies took a photo looking down from the parking lot at Devils Churn before starting on the trail that went up then down and around.

Looking down from the parking lot
The trail to Devils Churn

Lee stopped partway down the trail and took a picture of Karen who was still up higher so Karen Duquette took a photo of Lee down on the trail below her.

the chasm
Karen Duquette

The two RV Gypsies watched the ocean waves careen up the chasm and crash into the volcanic rock as the dynamic forces of nature continued to carve this remarkable chasm over and over.

the chasm

Lee Duquette continued on down the trail.

Lee Duquette on the trail Lee Duquette on the trail

The ocean water hit the dead end and crashed into the volcanic rock with a very loud sound.

ocean wves crashing Lee Duquette on the trail
Lee Duquette on the trail Lee Duquette on the trail
sign: Do not take marine stuff Devils Churn and the volcanic rock
Devils Churn
the two RV Gypsies at Devils Chrun Karen Duquette enjoying the day

Ready to take the spur trail over the big chunks of volcanic rock and down to Cape Cove Beach.

Lee Duquette with his hair blowing in the wind

The two RV Gypsies carefully walked over the uneven volcanic rock and the patches of sand, being careful not to get too close to the edge of the Pacific Ocean where the big waves were crashing over the rocks.

uneven volcanic rock and sand
uneven volcanic rock and sand
wves crashing
a small tide pool

The Pacific Ocean and waves breaking over the volcanic rock.

waves crashing
waves crashing
waves crashing
a small tide pool
tide pool
tide pool
The Cove

The two RV Gypsies were at Devils Churn on May 12, 2009 and it was so very different. They could not walk all the way to the beach because of a tree blocking the path. But because a storm had gone through just before they got there in 2009, they got to see froth bursting like fireworks, and hear the waves sounding like thunder. At the time, they did not realize how unusual that was and how lucky they were. To see these photos and compare the two sites, click here, or use the TOC button above and choose D, then scroll down. You will love the difference. Then return to this page to continue to 2015 adventures.

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June 15, 2015

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