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The two RV Gypsies travelled from
California to Oregon
June 14, 2015
USA map showing location of Oregon

Driving through the mountains in northern California to Oregon, the two RV Gypsies drove over mountains and along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean which is mostly all in a Tsunami hazard zone.

Tsunami hazard zone in California
Tsunami hazard zone in California
Tsunami hazard zone in California
fog on the curvy mountain road
sign: Leaving Tsunami Hazard Zone

Below: The boat is in front of an RV resort called Ship Ashore Resort and it derived it's name from the luxury yacht that sits majestically at the front of the complex on beautiful coastal Highway 101 in Smith River, California, conveniently located between Crescent City, California and Brookings, Oregon. The resort has 200 spots with full hook-ups and pull-throughs. The two RV Gypsies have never stayed at the resort, they just drove by it.

a boat museum and gift shop

The two RV Gypsies arrived in the state of Oregon. This was not their first time in Oregon.

Welcome to Oregon sign
sign: Curry County honors Veterans

The fog lifted and the weather was much nicer in Oregon than it was for most of the drive to this point. Karen Duquette took a few photos through the window of the moving RV to show a small taste of the beauty that waits in Oregon.

beautiful Oregon scenery
The Pacific Ocean
beautiful Oregon scenery
beautiful Oregon scenery

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in Florence, Oregon
June 15, 2015

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