Trees of Mystery
The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
stopped at Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California, and spent a few hours admiring the different trees, riding the aerial tram, and seeing some tall tale sculptures.

June 14, 2015

The Indians called this "A place of Spirits."

trees of Mystery sign
trees of Mystery sign

There were giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues in the parking lot. This is the third time the two RV Gypsies have come across a Paul Bunyan statue. This one is the biggest of the three, at 49 feet 2 in and 30,000 pounds. The one is Oscoda, Michigan is only 13 feet tall. The one in Bimidji, Minnesota is 18 feet tall and weighs 2.5 tons. All can be seen by using the TOC button above and choosing the letter P for Paul, or by choosing the Big Oddities button.

trees of Mystery gift shop
Paul Bunyan sign

Below: Paul Bunyan was carved with a chainsaw. As children sat by or walked near Paul Bunyan and talked, Paul responded in a very loud voice to whatever the children said, which of course, caused a surprise reaction from everyone.

Paul Bunyan and Babe

Below: Part of a map showing the location of Paul Bunyan and more - Plus inside the gift shop - a giant BIGFOOT.


Below: Lee Duquette checked out the price tag on this amethyst - $5,995.00 - No, the two RV Gypsies did NOT buy it.

giant amythest
giant amethyst

Below: The Entrance to the Trees of Mystery trail, the pay station, and a big branch that has fallen from a tree.

The Entrance
big branch that has fallen

Below: The Kingdom of Trees trail is dedicated to the majesty and awe of being within a Coastal Redwood forest. Extraordinary specimens of Coastal Redwoods, Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir are highlighted along the trail with informational displays and audio presentations.

sign and photos of the trees Karen Duquette on the pathway
sign: World's largest family tree Family Tree sign

awesomeThe Family Tree: Twelve living trees in one tree with only one trunkawesome

The Family Tree
The Family Tree
The Family Tree

Below: Nature's Underpass

Nature's Underpass
Fallen Giant sign
Karen Duquette with the Fallen Giant root structure

Below: Part of The Fallen Giant - total length 320 feet

part of the Fallen Giant

Below: A Coast Redwood tree - height 200 - 300 feet

sign: A Coast Redwood tree
A Coast Redwood tree

Below: Wildflower Garden and a water wheel

sign: Wildflower Garden
water wheel
water wheel
sundial statue

Below: Elephant tree. The two RV Gypsies are not sure what part of this tree looks like an elephant.

Elephant tree
Elephant tree

Below: Lee Duquette grabbed onto a big tree branch from the "Upside Down Tree" that extended over the path.

Lee Duquette and a big tree branch
Lee Duquette and a big tree branch
sign: upside down tree
part of the Upside down tree
part of the Upside down tree

Below: A 10-foot in diameter tree became a fallen giant. It had to be cut for safety.

10-foot diameter tree stump
a fallen giant tree
more of a fallen tree
sign: trees from Ripleys Believe it or not
sign: Octopus tree
Octopus tree
Octopus tree

Below: Another Fallen Giant tree

Another Fallen Giant tree
sign: Another Fallen Giant tree
root structure
root structure

Below: Redwood Burl

Redwood Burl
sign: Redwood Burl
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir

Below: Lightning Tree sign - Notice the zig-zag in the tree

Ligtning Tree sign
Ligtning Tree

Below: The Trinity Tree

The Trinity Tree
The Trinity Tree

Below is one of the most majestic trees of all, the Cathedral Tree; nine living trees growing as one in a natural cathedral formation.

sign: Cathedral Tree

Notice the person in the photo below of the Cathedral Tree.

Cathedral Tree
Cathedral Tree
wedding saying
in memory of Joseph B Strauss sign
wedding signs

Below: Baby Cathedral Tree

sign: Baby Cathedral Tree
Baby Cathedral Tree

Below: Candelabra Tree

Candelabra Tree Lee at the Candelabra Tree
Brotherhood Tree sign
Lee Duquette at the Brotherhood Tree
Brotherhood Tree
tree stumps
tree stumps
tree stumps
tree bark
sign showing age of tree
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