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The two RV Gypsies entered California
and took a few photos along the way
until their RV broke down.
May 19, 2015
USA map showing location of California

IMPORTANT The state of California is a hands-free driving state - no cell phones, no texting! Strictly enforced.

The two RV Gypsies are not sure what the below structure is, but thought it interesting.

an unique structure

More people need to obey the below sign!

no drinking and driving sign

The two RV Gypsies loved the design on the hill by the Welcome to California sign.

Welcome to California sign
flower art on a hill

At the California checkpoint, the agent entered the RV of the two RV Gypsies and opened their refrigerator and removed their corn-on-the-cob and their apples, but not their bananas.

Welcome to California sign
an uniquely painted van

The two RV Gypsies drove past beautiful sand hills and an aqua duct. The photos were taken through the window of the moving RV. They were not able to stop anyplace.

sand hills and an aquaduct.
sand hills and an aquaduct.

More California scenery.

Lots of windmills everywhere.

California secenery

unhappy faceLots of hills caused the two RV Gypsies' RV to overheat and their RV had to be towed and was in repair for about six days, leaving the two RV Gypsies homeless. They broke down around 6 p.m. Eventually, Lee noticed two men in a car watching the two RV Gypsies from across the street. The tow truck came about 10 p.m. The men in the car across the street drove away when the tow truck driver arrived. It took the tow truck driver almost 2 hours to hook up the RV for towing. Then the RV was towed for two hours to Freightliner in San Diego. The two RV Gypsies did not get any sleep that night at all. Their jeep also had problems and went into repair for several days, but it could not be fixed.

elevation 3000 feet sign
rocky scenery
look below

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Section 1 of 4: San Diego

Entering the state of California

Mount Helix Park

USS Midway (CV-41)
and several memorials

A National Salute to Bob Hope
and The Military

Unconditional Surrender Statues (FL 2013 & CA 2015)

Artwork - "Our Silences"

Beaches in San Diego

Balboa Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

San Diego Botanical Gardens

Cabrillo National Monument

Pio Pico Thousand Trails


Section 2 of 4: Los Angeles County

Fairflex Los Angeles KOA in Pomona

Mt. Baldy Park

Los Angles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Section 3 of 4: San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf and the seals

Lombard - The zig-zag street

Golden Gate Bridge - 2009 & 2015

Eureka KOA

Section 4 of 4: The Redwoods - Giant trees & more

Willits - Gateway to the Redwoods

Travel photos and some elk

Avenue of the Giants

The Drive Thru Tree #1

The Drive Thru Tree #2

Beach at Redwood National Park

Trees of Mystery - page 1

Aerial Tram at Trees of Mystery

Tall Tale trail at Trees of Mystery

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