The trees and bamboo
at San Diego Botanic Garden May 26, 2015

bamboo Display Garden sign
bamboo shime label
bamboo grass label
runners and Chumpers sign
bamboo food sign
painted Bamboo sign
painted Bamboo
painted Bamboo
painted Bamboo
tropical black bamboo sign
tropical black bamboo

Below: Unique trees

cork oak tree sign
cork oak tree
cork oak tree
cork oak tree
Canary Islands sign
Dragon Trees sign
Dragon Tree
Dragon Trees
Dragon Tree sign
Lee Duquette
Broad-leaved paperbark tree sign
Broad-leaved Paperbark tree
Australia sign
Eucalyptus sign
Eucalyptus tree
shaving brush palm sign
shaving brush palm
Dwarf Sugar Palm sign
Dwarf Sugar Palm
Lemon Gum sign
Lemon Gum tree

Below: An unlabeled tree that the two RV Gypsies liked.

unlabeled tree

This is a big, beautiful, wonderful area, and the two RV Gypsies took so many pictures that the gardens had to be divided up into sections which will allow photos to load faster, and give viewers the opportunity to view areas in any order they choose.

Art sculptures and mariachi topiaries

Bamboos and Trees (this page)

Children's Areas


Native trail & Underseas Garden


Rainforest, ponds, and waterfalls

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