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The below pothole is over 50 feet above the river, yet the river used to be at least as high as where the two RV Gypsies are now standing. Amazing.

WOWsign about the Master Pothole
the Master Pothole
the Master Pothole
sign about the plants covering the rocks
sign about ferns
rock polypody

The two RV Gypsies approached another bridge, but first Karen Duquette stopped to rest by an interesting, funky tree with its roots growing over a boulder, and its branches reaching down over the fence as if they want to reach into the water far below.

Karen Duquette and a funky tree
another bridge

Below: Another view of the lower falls, and a zoomed-in photo of part of a tree trunk that stretched across the raging river.

the lower falls
raging river

View from the side of the bridge facing away from the falls.

river view
river view

Lee Duquette paused to just relax and contemplate the forces that made this spectacle. He really enjoyed his surroundings on such a beautiful day. There is nothing like the life of an RV Gypsy, traveling throughout the USA, with no worries in the world.

Lee Duquette relaxing

Below: Porridge Potholes

sign about Porridge Potholes
sign about Porridge Potholes
Porridge Pothole
Porridge Potholes and the river
Porridge Potholes and the river
Porridge Potholes

From the Porridge Potholes, Karen Duquette looked back at the bridge with the funky tree.

funky tree and the bridge again

The two RV Gypsies approached the first bridge again, but from the other side of the gorge.

bridge and waterfall
gorge view

Karen Duquette wanted to get a look at the falls and bridge from a lookout point. Lee Duquette decided to take her photo, but then told her to stand on the other side, and he took a second photo.

Karen Duquette at High Falls Gorge
Karen Duquette at High Falls Gorge

Karen Duquette stayed at the lookout point to photograph Lee Duquette on the bridge plus the stairs back down to the original level.

Lee Duquette at High Falls Gorge

Lee Duquette noticed roots of a tree that were flowing over the top of a big boulder - and he thought it looked like a monster. Karen Duquette thought it looked like an octopus.

tree monster

The two RV Gypsies decided to get a photo of both of them before leaving High Falls Gorge. Lee Duquette only got himself on the first try, but succeeded on the second try.

Lee Duquette
The two RV Gypsies
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