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The two RV Gypsies hiked at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve
252 Loop Road
Tuscumbia Alabama
July 29, 2014

As the two RV Gypsies approached the narrow dirt road leading to Cane Creek Canyon Preserve, another car was coming out. The two RV Gypsies were glad that they did not meet that car further up the road, because there was not room for two cars to pass each other, and the grass on the side was not a suitable place to pull over. Of course, the two RV Gypsies were in their toad, not the RV.

the dirt road leading to Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Below: The welcome signs to Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve and a pleasant surprise; no admission charge! This 700-acre site is a privately protected scenic area that serves as a sanctuary for native plants and animals. There are 11 miles of hiking trails here.

The welcome signs to Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve
welcome sign to Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve

At the end of the road, the two RV Gypsies were not quite sure where to park. Then a nice lady came out of the house and had the two RV Gypsies sign the entrance book. She then gave the two RV Gypsies a nice map of the hiking trail and told them to be sure to return the map before they leave. After thanking the lady, the two RV Gypsies started off on the trail.

the start of the hiking trail

After a short easy hike, the two RV Gypsies came to a plank crossing a very small amount of running water. They saw lots of stairs on the other side of the plank. Lee sat down to look at the map. Lee Duquette decided that going up the stairs was not an option for him at this time. After all, he was still recovering from two total knee replacements.

a plank and lots of stone steps
Lee Duquette stops to read the map

Karen Duquette followed the tiny water trail to the edge of the boulder and looked down to see a tiny, thin, waterfall which was barely seeable (the photo below on the right).

the edge of the boulder
a tiny, thin waterfall

Karen Duquette peered over the edge a bit
to see the water at the bottom of the cliff.

Surprisingly, Lee decided that they should walk on the narrow ledge to get
down to the bottom of the waterfall.

Karen peers over the cliff edge
a narrow ledge

Then the two RV Gypsies went down several stone steps onto another narrow ledge and had to bend down to get under the big boulder.

Lee Duquette determins that he has to bend under the boulder
Lee Duquette going under the boulder

After a very short, but quite tricky trip down to the bottom, Karen Duquette was not sure it had been worth the effort to see such a tiny waterfall. Look closely to see the water coming down off the boulder in each of the photos below.

the bottom of the waterfall
the trickle of water
Karen Duquette by the waterfall

The two RV Gypsies turned around and went back under the big boulder, up the twisty rock steps and back to the area where Lee Duquette sat on the plank earlier. They decided not to take the stairs upwards. This was enough of a hike for Lee's first time out this year with his new knees.

Lee Duquette heading back up the trail

Back at the beginning of the trail, Lee saw a nice pond with some chairs and a dock. So the two RV Gypsies sat and enjoyed the view. They thought about walking around the pond, but wasn't sure where it went, so Lee decided that they should return the map and move on to their next adventure because there was still so many places and things to do this year.

pond and dock
Lee Duquette enjoying the view
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