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The two RV Gypsies parked their RV at
Heritage Acres RV Park, 1770 Neil Morris Road
Tuscumbia, Alabama
July 28-29, 2014

sign: Heritage Acres RV Park
Lee Duquette and the RV of the two RV Gypsies
campgournd office
flowers in the park

Heritage Acres RV Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama was a nice RV Park. It was not a real big campground. There were only 63 sites, but they were a nice size. The roads and sites were gravel, which meant no dust blowing up on the RVs as they drive in or out. Each of the four big pull-through sites had its own trash can. Cable TV came in well and there were a lot of channels. There were no trees on the sites. The campground office was small, and there was no rec room or pool. There was secured Wi-Fi at the site, but it was sometimes very slow. Trains could be heard at night, but they were not quite close enough to interfere with Karen Duquette's sleep. There were several nearby attractions. This was also a Good Sam Park.

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Heritage Acres RV Park (this page)

Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Helen Keller's birthplace

Spring Park and the world's largest man-made waterfall

A water park in Tuscumbia

dinner and the view from the Mariott in the sky

Whippoorwill Park in Sheffield

The Old Railroad Bridge in Sheffield

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