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USA map showing location of Mississippimap of Mississippi showing location of Tupelo

The two RV Gypsies took Karen Duquette's sister to
Elvis Presley's boyhood home in Tupelo, Mississippi
July 25, 2014

(photos by Karen Duquette and Ilse Blahak)

sign: Elvis Presley Birthplace
sign: Elvis Presley Birthplace
sign: Birthplace of Elvis Presley

history bookThe most significant landmark of Tupelo's modern history is a modest, two-room house where the King of Rock and Roll was born on January 8, 1935. From this humble beginning, Elvis Presley began his swift rise to become the world's most popular entertainer.

There is a bedroom and a kitchen. That's it. A swing on the front porch. There's really not much to see, and that's what makes it all the more fascinating. Vernon Presley built the house himself with $180, and lost it two years after Elvis was born for inability to pay. Like so many who lived through the depression, the Presleys had it hard.

Tupelo bought the house and land with money provided from a 1956 Tupelo concert by Elvis himself, who wanted a park for neighborhood children. As an official Mississippi landmark, the birthplace is part of the 15-acre Elvis Presley Park. It includes expansion of the main parking lot to accommodate RVs, a garden walkway system, new entrance signs, and expanded gift shop and beautiful landscaping.

Elivs Presleys boyhood home
Elivs Presleys boyhood home
the back of Elvis Presley's birth house
Elvis Presley's boyhood home
sign: Elivis Presley's childhood church
Elivis Presley's childhood church

The Chapel, built by donations from his fans, is a popular attraction in the park offering a time for meditation.

sign: Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
sign: Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel
Elvis Preley Memorial Chapel

history book"The Fountain of Life", a beautiful water feature, is a complete circle representing Elvis' life in Tupelo. It illustrates the years of Elvis' life with 13 upper water spouts representing the years that Elvis lived in Tupelo. The spouts then spill water over granite, a very hard stone symbolizing the enduring power of strong values learned during Elvis' formative years. The 29 lower spouts symbolize Elvis' life in Memphis and flow over a soft stone symbolizing the softer, better conditions of his life.

fountain of Life sign
Karen Duquette and her sister at the fountain of Life

The "Elvis at 13" bronze statue, which was unveiled on Elvis' 67th birthday, memorializes Elvis as a young boy wearing overalls and carrying a guitar. Below Ilse and the statue in 2014, and Karen with the statue in 2012.

Ilse Blahak and Elvis statue
Karen Duquette with the Elvis at 13 statue
Elvis country sign
Elvis country sign back side
Elvis Presley and The Blues sign
back side of Elvis sign

In August, 2003, a story wall was unveiled offering a collection of original, unedited stories from people who knew Elvis during his Tupelo days

story of Elvis by Bubba
story of Elvis by Joe
story of Elvis by  Bobo
story of Elvis by  Billy Presley
story of Elvis by  by James Ausborn
story of Elvis by Guy Harris

The "Walk of Life", which surrounds the house where Elvis was born, is a scored concrete circle with dated granite blocks denoting each year of Elvis' life from 1935 to 1977. The 1948 block marks the year in which Elvis and his family left for Memphis.

1935 plaque
1936 plaque
1937 plaque
1938 plaque
1939 plaque
1941 plaque
1942 plaque
1943 plaque
1944 plaque
1945 plaque
1946 plaque
1947 plaque
1948 plaque
outhouse sign
Elvis Presley fan club plaque

A 1939 green Plymouth 4-door sedan, similar to the car in which Elvis and his family rode to Memphis in. It was the year of 1948 when the transformation of Elvis, as a young Tupelo boy began his journey as Elvis, the world's greatest entertainer. The car was purchased by the Tupelo Automobile Museum and is leased to the Park for display.

car sign

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Menu for the two RV Gypsies in Tupelo, Mississippi
July 24-25, 2014
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Tupelo, Mississippi

The Birthplace of Elvis Presley

Campground at Barnes Crossing

Tombigbee State Park

Tupelo Automobile Museum - Elvis' schools

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