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The two RV Gypsies
celebrated their friends' 50th Anniversary
at Harrison Bay State Park
8411 Harrison Bay Road
Harrison, Tennessee 37341
(Tipton County)
July 18-21, 2018

USA map showing location of Tennessee
Tennessee map showing location of Harrison Bay State Park

FYIKaren Duquette and Sandy were best friends when they first joined the U.S. Navy and met at boot camp in Bainbridge, Maryland in 1964.

Karen Rasmussen in the U.S. Navy Sandy Boyd

check it outKaren Duquette was also one of Sandy's bridesmaids when Sandy married Steven Trostad August 24, 1968.

Sandy and her bridesmaids

Karen Duquette and Sandy - August 2018 - friends forever awesome

hot stuffKaren and Sandy

Sandy and Steve's 11 children, 26 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren all gathered together at Harrison Bay State Park to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

The Trostad Family

However, the two RV Gypsies were late for the event because their RV broke down on the way there. A $59 sensory part cost over $600 due to labor charges and delayed them for two days. But they eventually got to Harrison Bay State Park.




Welcome to Tennessee sign

Harrison Bay State Park sign

office at Harrison Bay State Park

After arriving late on July 19th, the two RV Gypsies set up their RV in Harrison Bay State Park, then drove their toad over to the group camp area where all of the Trostad family were camping in basic cabins.

The RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies

The RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies

The new back yard for the RV of the two RV Gypsies.

The new back yard for the RV of the two RV Gypsies.

The kitchen and food area at the group camp area

kitchen in the group camp area

Debra setting up some food

Debra setting up some food


The Trostad children decorated the kitchen area.

decorations records and decorations

Records were hung from the ceiling and the album covers decorated each table.

dining area records on the ceiling
album covers on the tables album covers on the tables
album covers on the tables album covers on the tables
balloons album covers on the tables
decoration Sandy Boyd Trostad

Lee, Karen, Sandy and Holly took a short hike to the lake behind the group camp area.

hike to the lake

hike to the lake

the lake

the lakev

the lake

the lake

Sandy and Steve with 10 of their 11 children. Their other daughter was somewhere in the kitchen.

The whole gang

Sandy, Steve and 10 children

The Trostad gang

10 children, some grandchildren and greats


Trostad gang


Friends: Lee, Holly, and Karen with Steve and Sandy

friends with Sandy and Steve

awesomeDebra holding up a special T-shirt after all the children performed a special song and skit for their parents.

Debra holding up a special t-shirt

Sandy and Steve Trostad

Happy Anniversary

Sandy & Steve with the cake

Karen, Steve, Sandy

Steve, Sandy, Lee

Karen, Sandy, Holy

Lee Duquette and Steve

cutie pie kids

look below

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