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The two RV Gypsies went to the 2nd Street Comedy Club
in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
October 12, 2013

foul mouthRich Vos was the featured comedian. He did have some funny things that the two RV Gypsies laughed at. But the main theme of his comedy was what the two RV Gypsies would label horrendously insulting the audience members. Most of those insulted seemed to take it well and even laughed. Although he never insulted the two RV Gypsies, they just didn't think he was funny as he was very insulting and sometimes ultra sexually nasty. 

foul mouthHe also had a foul mouth and used the F word a lot. Many people laughed every time he used the F word and the two RV Gypsies just don't understand that. Maybe the people laugh because they've been drinking or because they think they should laugh at comedians jokes, or maybe they like that kind of stuff.

A few people who were not even personally insulted by Rich Vos, got disgusted with the show and left. He said he wasn't a racist because he himself in his own words is "a Jew."

Everyone has different opinions of what is funny and what isn't,and that's OK. But Rich Vos is definitely not the comedian for the two RV Gypsies.

However - The two RV Gypsies definitely liked the comedy show at the Pocono Palace Wisecrackers Club with comedians Brad Lowery and RC Smith much better. Those comments can be reached through the sub-menu below.

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in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania
October 11, 2013

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Bushkill Falls

Pocono Palace - The Land of Love and a comedy show

Delaware Water Gap - Pocono Mountains KOA campground

2nd Street Comedy Club in Harrisburg, PA (this page)

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