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The two RV Gypsies hiked to Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania
October 11, 2013
Bushkill Falls The Niagara of Pennsylvania sign

Bushkill Falls is a series of eight waterfalls, the tallest of which cascades over 100 feet, located in Northeast Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains in the USA. Beginning at the headwaters of Bushkill Creek, the water descends the mountain toward the Delaware River, forming Bushkill Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, Laurel Glen Falls, Pennell Falls, and three additional, unnamed falls, Bushkill Falls is often called the "Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania" and is among the Keystone State's most famous scenic attractions. This unique series of eight waterfalls, nestled deep in the wooded Pocono Mountains, is accessible through an excellent network of hiking trails, bridges, and lots of stairs which afford fabulous views of the falls and the surrounding forest. It was opened to the public in 1904 by Charles E. Peters, and is still owned by the Peters family.

dollar signThere is an admission fee for the park of $12.50 for adults per day, $11.50 for seniors per day, and $7 for children ages 4-10 per day.

The area features a variety of trails and bridges that vary in length and difficulty.

On August 13, 2011, one person died after falling 150 feet into the falls. Two teenage boys walked off marked trails and one of the boys lost his footing and fell into the falls. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Don't go off of the marked trails! You are responsible for your own safety at waterfalls, while hiking, and in whatever adventure you choose to do.

Map of the trails at Bushkill Falls
map legend

After descending some stairs;and arriving at the Lookout for the main falls (Bushkill Falls), Karen Duquette looked upwards at the stairs and path they had already walked.


The;two RV Gypsies got their first look at Bushkill Falls from the lookout.

Lookout for Bushkill Falls sign
Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls

And More Stairs

more stairs
more stairs and Bushkill Falls

More Stairs

Looking down at where the two RV Gypsies are heading to - the bridge over lower gorge falls

more stairs
the bridge over Lower Gorge Falls

Below: A view from the;bridge over lower gorge falls,and the walkway to the bridge at the bottom of Bushkill Falls

iew from the?bridge over Lower Gorge Falls

Below: View from the other side of the bridge - Big Bushkill Creek leading to the Delaware River

Big Bushkill Creek

Below: Looking straight down over the railing from the bridge over the lower gorge falls at different angles.

the Lower Gorge Falls
the Lower Gorge Falls

Below: Karen Duquette at the bottom of the Bushkill Falls

sign: bottom of the Main Falls
Karen Duquette at the bottom of the Main Falls

The bottom of the main falls before it flows under the bridge and towards the bridge over Lower Gorge Falls as shown earlier.

The bottom of Bushkill Falls

Lee Duquette at the bottom of Bushkill Falls, and some of the many stairs high above him.

Lee Duquette at the bottom of Bushkill Falls

The two RV Gypsies climbed more stairs to get to the top of Bushkill Falls.

sign: top of main falls
the top of the main falls

Below is a sign at the bottom of the stairs leading from the top;of the Main Falls (Bushkill Falls) to Bridal Veil Falls. The two RV Gypsies did not go this route because this trail takes 2-1/2 hours to complete, and it was just more stairs than the two RV Gypsies wanted to do today.

directions to Bridal Veil Falls

So the two RV Gypsies continued on the yellow trail over several bridges towards the Upper Canyon.

top of falls to Upper Canyon
the Upper Canyon
map showing where the two RV Gypsies are on the trail
trail to the Upper Canyon
trail to the Upper Canyon

Karen Duquette carefully held the camera over the railing to photograph part of the main falls.

part of the main falls
part of the main falls

The two RV Gypsies finally reached the Upper Canyon and Little Bushkill Creek

sign: Upper Canyon
Upper Canyon and Little Bushkill Creek
Upper Canyon and Little Bushkill Creek
Upper Canyon and Little Bushkill Creek

Karen Duquette did not start counting the stairs until after they had already reached the lookout to the main falls. And sometimes she forgot to count stairs from one area to another, and when she realized that, she just started counting from the last number she remembered counting. All-in-all, the two RV Gypsies walked up and down MORE than 400 stairs on this hike.

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in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania
October 11, 2013

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