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USA map showing location of the state of New Yorkmap of New York showing location of High Falls

The two RV Gypsies
at High Falls Dam in New York
October 10, 2013

sign about the High Falls Historic Site
sign about the High Falls
berries in a tree
High Falls
High Falls

The Eggs Nest Restaurant in High Falls, New York

The Eggs Nest Restaurant in High Falls, New York

The Ashokan Reservoir (Native American for "place of fish") is a reservoir in Ulster County, New York, USA. The reservoir is in the eastern end of the Catskill Park, and is one of several reservoirs created to provide the City of New York with water. However, it is one of only two reservoirs in the Catskill Watershed. It is also New York City's deepest reservoir, being over 190 feet deep at its deepest point. This site is near the dam at the former site of Bishop Falls.

Ashokan Reservoir
Ashokan Reservoir

laughing clipart dudeIt will be awhile before the red light (shown in the photo below) turns into a green light. As a matter of fact, it will take a lifetime or more.

Lee Duquette at Ashokan Reservoir
warning sign - wait for green light

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