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The two RV Gypsies
viewed some oddities in New York
October 10, 2013

"Gnome Chomsky" claims to hold the Guinness World Record for Largest Garden Gnome, standing at 13 feet 6 inches tall. This garden gnome, Chomsky, stands sentry at the entrance to Kelder's Farm. He stands invitingly on the hill facing the highway, challenging one and all to come enjoy the scenery, visit the farm, and play a round or two of mini golf. Kelder's Farm has been operating in New York's Rondout Valley since 1836.

The World's Largest Garden Gnome
The World's Largest Garden Gnome

The inscription on his pedestal reads: "The World's Largest Garden Gnome"

The World's Largest Garden Gnome

*Update (as of August 2011) Chomsky no longer holds the Guinness World Record. Reiman Gardens in Iowa is home to a Gnome that stands 15 feet tall. There is a Gnome in Poland who towers at 18 feet, but unlike Chomsky and the Reiman Gardens' gnome, theirs is made of fiberglass.
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The two RV Gypsies tried to go see The World's Largest Kaleidoscope in Mount Tremper, New York, but after a 45 minute drive, they got there too late. The Kaleidoscope is inside of a store that closed at 5 P.M. for the day. It is reported to be a 60-foot tall $250,000 Kaatskill Kaleidoscope. NOTE: However, the two RV Gypsies returned here in 2014 and did get to see the kaleidoscope movie. A small portion of the movie can be found by using the TOC button above and choosing Movies.

Emerson Country Store
World's Largest Kaleidoscope  sign

This carving was in front of the
Emerson Country Store in Mt. Tremper.

A wild rabbit

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An odd shaped building in the Mohawk Preserve Foothills. The gate was closed and the two RV Gypsies could not get any closer.

A formation on a cliff
in the distance

An odd shaped building
formation on a cliff

Highway to The Gunks sign - but the road was marked Private - Do Not Enter.

Highway to The Gunks sign

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