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Ohio State Line Sign

The two RV Gypsies
in Dayton, Ohio
September 10, 2013

Map of Ohio showing approximate location of Dayton
welcome to Ohio sign

Below: The Soldiers Monument at Main Street Bridge in Dayton, Ohio: This large monument dedicated to soldiers of the Civil War is located in a median on Main Street at the north end of Downtown. The monument is a total of 85 feet in height and the statue itself 11.5 feet tall. There was a lot of traffic so the picture below is the only photo the two RV Gypsies were able to get. The wires are for the electric buses that run throughout the city of Dayton.

The Soldiers Monument at Main Street Bridge in Dayton, Ohio

Below: The Wright Brothers Flyover Sculpture is a landmark in Dayton Ohio. It depicts the first powered flight of the Wright Brothers. The steel tubing is 120 feet long, same as the length of the first flight, and they trace Orville's known path through the sky on December 17, 1903. The stainless steel sculpture abstractly represents the Wright Brothers' plane arching in its first powered flight. Sometimes mistaken for a dinosaur skeleton. "Flyover" was created in 1996 by David Evans Black.

The Wright Brothers Flyover Sculpture
The Wright Brothers Flyover Sculpture
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