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The two RV Gypsies canoed the Meramec River
a second time and had a scary experience
September 1, 2013

Because the two RV Gypsies had so much fun on the previous day while canoeing the Meramec River, they decided to do it again. But this time, they rented the canoe from the Stanton/Meramec KOA where they had parked their RV, because they wanted to canoe a different section of the same river. If they ever come here again, they will canoe the section of the river they did on the previous day, and never the section of the river they did on this date But everyone should make their own decision where to rent canoes from.

The day wasn't as hot as the previous day and there were some clouds in the sky, but the two RV Gypsies were surprised that while they were on the bus to be dropped off by the river, it rained hard. But it stopped raining by the time they were dropped off at the Meramec River. They were glad they were on the bus when it rained because people that were already on tubes and in canoes on the river told them that they got hailed on. It was all others talked about.

Anyway, the ramp to the river was steep, muddy, and slippery, and as the two RV Gypsies tried to get into their canoe, Lee Duquette fell in the mud but he did NOT get hurt. He got a muddy butt and then sat in the water to wash the mud off his bathing suit. All was well!

Lee with mud on his bathing suit
Lee Duquette enjoying the Meramec River

Without looking behind her, Karen Duquette held the camera up and took a photo of Lee Duquette. Then she took a forward photo of the calm Meramec River.

Lee Duquette canoeing the Meramec River
the Meramec River

Below: The two RV Gypsies noticed stairs going down towards the water, but not all the way into the water. Guess a person would have to jump to get into the water, but it would not be easy getting back up to the stairs.

stairs to nowhere

unhappy faceAnd now for the scary experience:unhappy face

Despite the day being a cloudy day, all was okay until the two RV Gypsies came to rapids. A tree on the left bank blocked part of the way, so they knew that they had to paddle towards the right side of the river. The canoe in front of them stopped sideways because their two very big dogs were trying to jump out of their canoe, and the two RV Gypsies could not get around them. The two RV Gypsies started back-paddling, but the current was too strong and pulled them into the tree. Karen Duquette yelled, “We are going over.” And sure enough they were in the water.

But Karen Duquette was caught underneath the upside-down canoe. She swam and swam but could not get out from under the canoe. Maybe she was swimming against the current, but did not realize it at the time. She grabbed onto the upside down canoe several times and tried to push herself out from under the canoe but could not. For an instant, she thought she might drown. There was NOT any air pocket. The canoe was stuck on some tree branches so it was not going anyplace.

Karen told herself to just hold her breath and keep fighting to get out from under the canoe. She fought and fought because she did not want to drown. After three tries, Lee managed to upright the canoe to free Karen, and as Karen popped up out of the water into the fresh air, the current slammed Karen into the tree.

Realizing she was out from under the canoe and could breathe in air again, she yelled, “HELP ME” because she was too weak to swim anymore, and lots of people came to her aid. They even rescued all belongings that floated away, including Karen's water shoes. They saved everything except a towel and a pair of sunglasses. Of course Karen's camera was ruined too, but luckily she had brought an old camera and not her best camera. And most importantly, they were both alive and OK.

Anyway, after Karen yelled for help, she saw a man with a life jacket on his arm swimming towards her and she also saw the canoe right-side up in the water, but filled with water. She did not see Lee anywhere. The man yelled to Karen to grab a life jacket out of the canoe, and she tried, but could not. That is all Karen remembered until she was on shore and the man told someone to put a life jacket on the rocky shoreline for her to sit on. (Note: A life jacket probably would not have helped Karen while she was under the canoe anyway).

Once on shore, Karen was relieved to see that Lee was there and okay. After resting a bit, the two RV Gypsies paddled the canoe back to where the bus was waiting to take them to the campground. Later, Lee asked Karen how she got into the canoe that was filled with water, and she told him that she did not even realize that she had been in the canoe once it was filled with water. Guess she must have blacked out.

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us not even the rest of today really. So we must all count our blessings and be glad for today.

If the two RV Gypsies ever come here again, they will canoe with Caveman Canoe Rentals and stick to the part of the Meramec River that they canoed on the previous day. None of this would have happened if the canoe with the two big dogs were not sideways across the river and blocking the passageway. Why would two big people take two big dogs in a canoe anyway.

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