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sign: what happens at the river stays at the river

The two RV Gypsies
canoe the Meramec River
in Stanton, Missouri
August 31, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

Karen Duquette cooled off in the Meramec River on a hot day, while waiting to start the canoe trip. Lee Duquette stayed on shore.

karen Duquette in the Meramec River
Meramec River

A bus took the two RV Gypsies from the parking lot at Meramec Caverns to Meramec State Park, where they launched their canoe.

sign Meramec State Park

Exiting the bus, Lee Duquette walked towards the canoes. Because this was on Labor Day week-end, there were a lot of canoes and tubes on the Meramec River. However, this was a very enjoyable canoe trip. The river was mostly calm, with a bit of a current now and then that gently glided the canoe without the two RV Gypsies having to paddle. Yes, the two RV Gypsies would recommend renting canoes from Caveman Canoe Rentals. There were spots to stop and cool off in the water.

Lee Duquette heads towards the canoes
Lee Duquette ready to board the canoe

Below: Karen Duquette sat in the front of the canoe as usual, and held the camera behind her hoping to get a photo of Lee. Success! - Then she passed the camera to Lee, who photographed Karen's backside. Good Job!

Lee Duquette in the canoe
Karen Duquette in the canoe
the Meramec River

The tree lined river was lined with cliffs. The two RV Gypsies paused to watch several boys climb a very short distance up the cliff and jump into the river.

a boy jumping into the Meramac River

Several people and their large rafts played inside one of the cliff's caves.

people and tubes in a cave
Lee Duquette

Since this was Labor Day week-end, the Meramec River was full of people having fun. Below are some photos of the largest group of people; young people, who offered the two RV Gypsies some beer as they passed by. They were having lots of fun. Sometimes Karen Duquette thinks that it would be nice to be in a large group. They have meet up with a couple or two along the way, but never a big group like this.

a big group of tubers
a big group of tubers

The two RV Gypsies stopped to take a swim. As Karen Duquette sat down on the rocky bottom of the Meramec River, the current started sweeping her away. Her hero husband saved the day!

Lee Duquette
the two RV Gypsies in a canoe

Below: A little dog in a life jacket enjoying the water on a hot day - and a big dog floated by in its own tube.

A little dog in a life jacket
a big dog floats in its own tube

The two RV Gypsies took another break in an area where the river was a bit calmer. Karen Duquette's feet floated to the top and her sandal tried to get away.

Lee Duquette enjoying the Meramec River
Karen Duquette's sandals trying to float away

The two RV Gypsies had to hold onto the rocks on the bottom of the river in order to stay in one place.

Karen Duquette enjoying the Meramec River
Karen Duquette enjoying the Meramec River

After canoeing for quite awhile, Karen Duquette decided that she wanted to float down the river while Lee paddled the canoe. She experimented with the life jackets to find the best way to float alongside the canoe. Lee thought she had lost her mind!

Karen Duquette floating down the Meramac River
Karen Duquette floating down the Meramac River
Karen Duquette floating down the Meramac River
Karen Duquette floating down the Meramac River

Back in the canoe, Karen Duquette tried to get both herself and Lee in a photo by just holding the camera up in the air. She wasn't very successful. Karen uses a digital camera for photos, not a cell phone, so a selfie stick will not work and she can not see what she is taking when she tries to take both of them.

Lee Duquette in the canoe
Lee Duquette in the canoe

Success came on the 4th try - sort of! By then, Lee Duquette was busy paddling the canoe again.

Lee Duquette in the canoe
the two RV Gypsies in the canoe
a weird shape hole in the cliff

This was about a 4-hour canoe trip for the two RV Gypsies, with time in the water of course.

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August 30-31 - September 1, 2013
Labor Day weekend

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