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The two RV Gypsies
and their first attempt at boarding down sand dunes
August 9, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

Although the two RV Gypsies were told that sand boarding should be done barefoot, the sand was just too hot to be barefoot, so they managed to get the board secured with their shoes on. This is both of their first attempts at sand boarding.

smile face divider line

Karen Duquette managed to stand up on the board and tried to slide down one of the smaller sand dunes.

Karen Duquette on the sand board
Karen Duquette on the sand board

On Karen's first try and she ended up flat on her back and on Karen's second try and she ended up face down in the sand.

laughing clipart dude
Karen's first try and she ends up flat on her back
Karen's second try and she ends up face down in the sand

Now Lee Duquette tried. But he went right into a miniature bush and Karen laughed so hard she couldn't stop laughing and didn't get that photo.

Lee Duquette tries the sand board

So now the two RV Gypsies made a decision to sit on the board instead of standing up. Lee had to wax the board after each run.

Lee Duquette waxing the sand board
Lee Duquette heading to the big sand dunes
Lee Duquette lands in the sand
Lee Duquette at the bottom of the sand dune
Karen Duquette completed her run on the sand dune

Karen Duquette decided it was time to move to a bigger hill. But Lee did not want to, so he took movies, not photos.

the big sand dune
the big sand dune
sun faces divider bar

Look at the people in the two photos below, then look at the above panorama to get an idea of how high up the sand dunes they have climbed. Amazing!

people high on the sand dunes
a person at the very top of the sand dune

announcementMovies were taken at the big sand dune and they are quite funny, especially when Lee fell off the board. To see the movie, click here, then choose the red letter S and scroll down toSandhill at Monahans, Please remember to return to the rest of the Idaho and 2013 adventures.

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