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The two RV Gypsies
at Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails Campground
17480 S. Century Drive
Bend, Oregon 97707
August 2, 2013

Below: On the drive to Bend, Oregon, the two RV Gypsies noticed a two-decker coffee bus.

two-decker coffee bus

Below: The RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies at Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails Campground, and the view from their dining room window.

The RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies at Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails Campground
view of the two RV Gypsies' yard

The two RV Gypsies just got parked and set up in their spot, when it started to HAIL. The hail storm did not last very long, and it soon turned to rain. No damage was done from the hail storm.

Hail on the grournd
Hail on the grournd
Hail on the grournd
hail bouncing off the two RV Gypsies' toad

This was only a one-night stopover at Bend-Sunriver Thousand Trails. The two RV Gypsies did not get cell service, TV, or internet while at this campground.

The 283-acre Bend-Sunriver RV Camping preserve is on the Little Deschutes River. Fishing is allowed on this Central Oregon RV campground and preserve, and rivers and lakes in the area offer salmon, whitefish, and rainbow trout. Other summer fun could include boating, swimming, hiking or horseback riding. This Thousand Trails resort offered both canoe and kayak rentals. Campsites, cabins, cottages, and yurts are available.

Mt. Bachelor, a world-class ski resort is just minutes away from Bend-Sunriver RV Campground and provides many winter activities as well as summer hiking and mountain biking. Wi-Fi is said to be available in the quaint town square in Bend!

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