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The two RV Gypsies at
Karen's Kountry Kitchen in Canada
June 28, 2013

The two RV Gypsies were driving around and saw the sign for Karen's Kountry Kitchen and realized that earlier they had gotten a flyer for this restaurant, so even though they had packed a picnic lunch, they decided to stop and eat at Karen's Kountry Kitchen. And they were so glad they stopped.

Karen's Kountry Kitchen sign
Karen's Kountry Kitchen entrance

The two RV Gypsies got a table by a window and had a nice view. The place was definitely country and colorful, with a warm, friendly atmosphere. Very clean. Food was fresh and delicious, including the homemade pies.

view from the table Karen's Kountry Kitchen decor

Each table had different salt and pepper shakers.

Each table had different salt and pepper shakers.

The salad was anything but ordinary because it had fresh strawberries, almonds and more. Karen Duquette was almost done eating most of her salad when the server came by and asked if all was OK, and Karen said yes, but she would have liked more dressing. Instead of just bringing Karen more dressing, he took the plate back to the kitchen and the salad was redone just as big and wonderful as the original salad, with even more fresh strawberries. All of the food was outstanding, as was the service.

salad with fresh strawberries

Not only was the food and service outstanding, but so was the server. He was funny and kept the two RV Gypsies laughing. Then Karen, the owner and cook, came out of the kitchen and sat and talked with the two RV Gypsies because this was a slow time for the restaurant, but next month it will be hard to get in the door, as the place will be packed with customers, and Karen will bring in more employees. It didn't take long before the two RV Gypsies knew they had two new friends. Below is a photo of Karen and Karen. They had to control their laughter long enough to have their photo taken, that is why they both had funny looks on their faces..

yesKaren and Karen

Then the two RV Gypsies walked around the side and back of the restaurant and took a few photos of the plants and the delightful view of the lake.

outside patio with flowers
outside patio with flowers

It was not a great day weather-wise, or the two RV Gypsies probably would have sat outside on the patio by the lake. But as it turned out, they were glad to be indoors so they got to talk to Karen and the server.

the lake
the lake

Below is a copy of the flyer that the two RV Gypsies had found at a welcome center. The two RV Gypsies highly recommend Karen's Kountry Kitchen. They only wish they could eat there more often, but of course, not living in the area, that is just not possible. But they will always cherish their meal and new friends, and will definitely eat there again if they ever visit anywhere near the area again. And they really want to visit again.

flyer for Karen's Kountry Kitchen
Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures
in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
June 27 - 28, 2013

You may visit these ten (10) sites in any order you choose.
There is also a link to Minnesota below.

KOA campground

Terry Fox Memorial

The Sleeping Giant
and a lighthouse

Thunder Bay Marina
and Park

a unique unnamed park

Thunder Bay Lookout

Kakabeka Falls

Boulevard Lake Fishway

Silver Islet and some deer

Karen's Kountry Kitchen

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