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The two RV Gypsies
went to see the Terry Fox Monument
in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
June 27, 2013

A 9-foot high bronze statue, set on a 45-ton granite base with a foundation of local amethyst, commands a breath-taking view of Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant. (Unfortunately, the two RV Gypsies were there on a rainy day, so Lake Superior is difficult to see in the photos below.)

The statue was erected in memory of Terry Fox, the courageous one-legged runner who embarked on a cross-country run for cancer research - the Marathon of Hope. The site is not far from the place where he ended his 5,342 km (3,339 miles) run, stricken with the disease that ended his life on June 28, 1981.

plaque about Terrry Fox
plaque about Terry Fox's awards

As per the above plaque: Terry Fox never understood why Canadians honored him with so many awards. Governor General Edward Schreyer invested Terry Fox with this nation's highest civilian award on September 19, 1980. The youngest companion of the order, awarded to Canada's heroes, Terry Fox shared the honor accepting it for all who made his run a success. In addition, Terry was named "Canadian of the Year" in 1980 and 1981 and winner of the Lou Marsh Award for Canada's outstanding athlete of 1980. On August 29. 1981, he was posthumously inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. He was also presented with the Province of British Columbia's highest honor, The Order of the Dogwood. And from the American Cancer Society, he received their prestigious Sword of Hope. And from the Canadian Cancer Society, he was awarded The Terry Fox Citation of Honor.

first look at a view of Lake Superior
Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
Karen Duquette at The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument

Below: Karen Duquette at the Terry Fox Monument. Since the date was June 27th, Karen was wearing the shirt she made in honor of her son, Brian Lee Duquette. The shirt has a red heart with Brian's initials inside the heart. Each year, this is an extra tough day for the two RV Gypsies to enjoy, but they have no choice except to continue on with their daily lives, even on this date. For more about Brian use the "Brian button" at the top of this page.

Karen Duquette at The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
The Terry Fox Monument
where Terry Fox ran

A panorama view of the highway and Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant (beyond the trees)

a panorama view of the highway and Lake Superior

Note: In August of 2009, the two RV Gypsies were in Robson, British Columbia, Canada and came upon the Mt. Terry Fox Rest Area. There was a rock with a plaque plus two large signs about Terry Fox, a nice picnic area, and a hiking area up a hill with an amazing view of a river. To see those photos, use the TOC button above and then choose the letter T.

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in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
June 27 - 28, 2013

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KOA campground

Terry Fox Memorial

The Sleeping Giant
and a lighthouse

Thunder Bay Marina
and Park

a unique unnamed park

Thunder Bay Lookout

Kakabeka Falls

Boulevard Lake Fishway

Silver Islet and some deer

Karen's Kountry Kitchen

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