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The two RV Gypsies at
The Unconditional Surrender statue
at Sarasota Bay Front
(a sailor kissing a nurse)
May 12, 2013

Sarasota Bayfront entry


The 26-foot-tall "Unconditional Surrender" statue on Sarasota's Bay Front has been the subject of countless speeches, groans, quips, and kudos since it made its first appearance here in 2005. It will likely stay in that same spot for a decade, after the city accepted the donation of a World War II veteran who put up $500,000 to buy the statue, on the condition that it stay out front of city-owned Marina Jack. Jack Curran, a former signalman who served in the Pacific and European theaters, says he bought the statue for all the other guys out there like him, who were raised in the Great Depression and served their country in World War II and came home to their sweethearts. He suspects the rest of the world is forgetting about them. Others have debated whether the statue is a fitting tribute to veterans or a big gaudy sideshow on U.S. 41.

Above Quote is from the Herald-Tribune on-line article

sign about the Unconditional Surrender statue
Karen Duquette at the Unconditional Surrender statue

Below: What is Lee looking up at?

Karen Duquette (above photo) and
Lee Duquette (below photo)

Lee Duquette at the Unconditional Surrender statue
Lee Duquette at the Unconditional Surrender statue

A few different views of the Unconditional Surrender statue

the Unconditional Surrender statue
the Unconditional Surrender statue
the Unconditional Surrender statue
the Unconditional Surrender statue

The two RV Gypsies also saw a similar statue in San Diego, California. Both statues can be seen quickly on the same page, but be sure to return here to continue on in 2013.

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bullet The Lazy Lobster of Longboat

bullet Manatee Encore RV Resort in Bradenton

bullet Unconditional Surrender Sculpture (sailor kissing a nurse) (this page)

bullet Whimzeyland - the Bowling Ball House (and the house across the street)

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