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John's Pass - April 24, 2010

This quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village is in Pinellas County. Over one hundred merchants inhabit the Village with unique retail shopping, a variety of restaurants, the local fishing fleet, boat rentals, parasailing and jet skiing. Plenty of parking! The beach is a short stroll away. Conveniently located near St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa, and just a short drive to the Orlando area. Open daily!

sign - John's Pass
lots of pelicans
Karen enjoyed watching and photographing the pelicans as they flew across the sky, and then dove into the water to catch fish.
a pelican
two pelicans
The pelicans flew high in the sky while watching for fish in the water, then dove in to get the fish.
pelican ready to dive
pelican as it dived into the water
pelican ready to dive
pelican as it dived into the water
a beautiful pelican
a pelican landing on the water
This pelican enjoyed his catch
This pelican is enjoying his catch
a pelican
a pelican
a boat
Other sites around the area
The front of this eating place had several junk cars parked there with no doors, seats, etc. No, the two RV Gypsies did not choose to eat there.
a weird sign
a neat mile marker
The two RV Gypsies at Florida's west coast and central Florida in their RV.
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John's Pass
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