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While at the Tybee Island Lighthouse, the two RV Gypsies met some very nice people. After talking for awhile, the ladies asked Karen Duquette to post pictures of her Travel Tree on her website, so here are the pictures. (Ladies, please use the guestbook button above and sign in so that Karen knows you visited her site. Thank you, we enjoyed talking with you. ) Obviously the travel ornaments can not show up very well in the photos. Karen tries to buy something that hangs wherever she goes; something that says where they are, and often that is just a keychain. She also buys, pins and patches. But more often than not, a place they visit does not even have a Visitor Center or gift shop.


Item 1: Three different trees are shown below - 2013, 2015, and 2020. The two RV Gypsies have outgrown the smaller trees, as they are constantly buying ornaments as they travel.

2013 travel tree in the RV

2015 tree in the RV - 112 travel ornaments

2013 travel tree 2015 travel tree

Below: 2020 Travel Tree - The two RV Gypsies have their RV in their daughter's yard for the winter. They did not travel much in the RV due to the Coronavirus, so they bought a live Douglas Fir tree for their daughter's guest house. It has about 225 travel items on it, plus some photos of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

2020 travel tree of the two RV Gypsies close-up of travel ornaments

Item 2: This is the "wire tree" (2014 photo taken in the RV and 2020 photo taken in their daughter's guest house). Karen places some breakable ornaments that would be difficult to replace on the wire tree.

Notice the belts hanging alongside the wire tree in the RV. Those are patches from National Parks and some state parks. In 2014, they had only four belts full. In 2020, they had 92 items on six belts, and no room for more.

The 2020 wire tree shown below is in Brian's corner of the guest house. The angels hanging on the wall represent every Christmas without Brian. There are also two funny Christmas cards Brian gave his parents in 1984, plus his photo and a ceramic plaque of his hand print.

2014 wire tree 2020 wire tree

Item 3: Keychains from different places in Canada - hung over the entry door of the RV. The two RV Gypsies had a total of 122 keychains hanging throughout the RV for Christmas decoration, and travel memories as of the year 2015. Now, there are many more than that.

keychains from Canada

Item 4: The two photos below show some of the other keychains from places the two RV Gypsies have visited. There was also another section of keychains hanging over the front windows of the RV.


Below: the dining area of the RV.

Below is 1 of 3 boards
of pins from different places

the dining area and travel stuff
travel pins

Also, Karen has a hat full of Alaska pins, and a hat full of pins from Canada and a hiking hat with 24 wildlife pins.

divider bar
Karen clip art

Below: A few samples of some of the travel ornaments. Totals as of 2020 are 225 items on the Christmas tree, including 15 from Alaska, 41 from Canada and 16 from other countries.

That is not counting the 93 items which are mostly National Parks and State Park patches that are hanging on 6 belts. Nor the pins and keychains on the 4 corkboards - 45 Alaska pins, 65 Canada pins and so many more from all over the USA.

travel ornaments travel ornaments
ornaments form other Countries travel ornaments
Canada ornaments critters
lighthouses ornaments

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