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The two RV Gypsies
ate at the Coal Miner's Restaurant
1640 Lincoln Highway
Jennerstown, PA 15546
June , 2021

Coal Miner's Restaurant sign
the outside of Coal Miner's Restaurant
the outside of Coal Miner's Restaurant
the porch outside of the Coal Miner's Restaurant
porch rules
porch relaxing area

The two RV Gypsies each had the soup and salad bar. Everything was as good as it can be for a salad bar. But the two RV Gypsies decided that they really should order anything other than the soup and salad bar from now on. The server was friendly and efficient.

inside Coal Miner's Restaurant

The two RV Gypsies decided to eat here for three reasons (l) They were hungry (2) The building was big, so they thought it would be better food than elsehere. (3) They had been to Quecreek Mine Rescue Site and this restaurant was decorated with all-things about a mine.

Below: Pictures of the 9 Miners on the wall - and other coal mine related items.

photos of the 9 miners
coal miner statues
Quecreek mine decor
Quecreek mine decor
Quecreek mine decor
look below

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