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The two RV Gypsies
ate at Molly Brannigan's Irish Pub
506 State Street
Erie, PA 16501
phone; '814.453.7800
(closed Sundays and Mondays)
June 18, 2021

Molly Brannigan’s has been a beloved downtown Erie destination for nearly 20 years. But her legend can be traced to 19th Century Irish folklore, where her beauty inspired a melody of love and longing passed down through generations. Molly brought just three things with her to Erie – a brogue, a beer and a beautiful hand-hewn bar. From these humble beginnings comes an unrivaled collection of beer, wine and liquors curated by our own beverage master to soothe your soul and stimulate your senses. Expect the finest homemade Irish fare, along with a wee bit of the unexpected, including hand crafted cocktails and fast, fresh lunches.

Molly Brannigan’s Irish Pub
Molly Brannigan’s Irish Pub sign

The two RV Gypsies sat in the cozy little table by the front window. From this table, Karen Duquette watched a red car that was parked across the street for a long time. Several people  leaned into the passenger window and talked to the driver. But the driver kept throwing trash out onto the street. So Karen went outside the front door of the restaurant and yelled, "Hey you in the red car. Stop throwing your trash in the street. Don't be such a pig."

The driver looked at her and then drove away. Lee Duquette was not happy that Karen confronted him, but Karen felt it was the right thing to do. A bit of the bright red car can be seen in the first photo below.

taable by window
inside Molly Brannigan's Irish Pub

To use the restroom the two RV Gypsies had to walk the length of  the restaurant, turn right, and go down the stairs.

Molly Brannigan's Irish Pub

Karen Duquette always orders The Shepherd's Pie in Irish Pubs, and this was the first one that she did not like at all.

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