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Hardee's - Fast Food
307 S. Catawba Avenue
Old Fort, North Carolina
June 29, 2019

The two RV Gypsies seldom eat at Fast Food Joints, but after leaving Catawba Falls, nothing else was open in the town, so they stopped at Hardees. They asked for a Senior Discount, and the cashier said okay, but did not ring up the discount. The two RV Gypsies did not realize that until later. Karen had a roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese that was good. Lee had a hamburger that was skimpy, totally burned and no good at all. Read about the French Fries below!


Shouldn't the French Fries served at Hardees look something like the photo advertised?

Below: French Fries with Cheese and Bacon as actually served at Hardees and a picture of French Fries with Cheese and Bacon as advertised in Hardees window.

bad French Fries advertised French Fries

Note: The above comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies. This review is only meant to help the two RV Gypsies decide if they wish to return to this restaurant again. They are not connected to the restaurant in any manner. These comments do not make the restaurant good or bad in general.

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