Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

The two RV Gypsies
met celebrities in 2009

Elvin Hayes (The Big E) - from the Houston Rockets basketball team - who is listed in the basketball Hall of Fame.
Plus Dallas Seavey, the famous Iditarod race winner

April 8, 2009: Karen met Elvin Hayes (The Big E)
bullet Drafted by the San Diego Rockets in the 1st round (1st pick, 1st overall) of the 1968 NBA draft.
bulletInducted into Hall of Fame as Player in 1990
bulletHeight: 6'-9"
awesome Karen with Elvin Hayes in front of Karen's motorhome - Elvin asked for a tour of the motorhome, and was so thrilled that he could even stand up inside of AWO.
Karen Duquette and Elvin Hayes
Elvin Hayes - Houston Rockets
smile face
he two RV Gypsies met Dallas Seavey in Fairbanks, Alaska and enjoyed talking one-on-one with him at his dinner show.

Dallas Seavey placed 6th in the famous Iditarod race in 2009. He finished 1st in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017 he places 2nd, and his very own father took 1st place. His family has raced in the Iditarod every year, even in the very first race.
Dallas Seavey and  Karen Duquette

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