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Fun in Florida - 2008
RVing is exciting and full of adventure. Every day in a motorhome is a new experience.
Below are a few photos from Lee & Karen Duquette's first camping trips in their motorhome (RV) before selling their house and everything it it, and leaving Florida for full-time traveling. (Although they will return to spend winters in Florida, but still will be living in their RV of course because it is now their only home). To test out the RV locally, they went to Thousand Trails Campground in Clermont, Florida and canoed in the lake with their grandchildren and the alligators.
Canoeing with alligators
taking the grandchildren canoeing
taking the grandchildren canoeing
wildlife while camping in our RV
wildlife while camping in our RV
wildlife while camping in our RV
Below: Lee and Karen behind their RV at Peace River Campground
Karen and Lee
alligator and snake sign behind our RV
our RV at Peace River
Lee and Karen took their son, Brian Lee Duquette, camping in their RV and visited Castillo De San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida. They did not know that this would be the only RV trip they could ever take Brian on. (Be sure to read about Brian by choosing the "Brian" button above.).
Lee & Brian
Brian and a cannon
shooting off the cannon
Lee and Karen drove their RV to Homosassa Springs to see the Florida manatee.
a site to see while RVing
Homosassa Springs
Florida manatee

Now that Karen and Lee have driven their RV to a few places in Florida, they are ready to travel further and truly become two RV Gypsies. Although they realize it will be hard to leave their family for half the year or more.

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