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Photos - Karen's birthday January 2009
For Karen's birthday, 2009, her line-dance friend, Rebecca West made the towels shown below, which are forever proudly displayed in Karen's RV. Thank you Rebecca.
RV gypsy towel
RV gypsy towel
Karen and her two hats - gifts from her daughter Renee, who said that Karen HAD to wear the hats at the party, it was not an option! So Karen alternated wearing the hats all night long, even though she is a very shy person ! LOL
Bad Girl

Karen Duquette & her two hats

Below: The daughter of the two RV Gypsies and her new boyfriend, John.

The daughter of the two RV Gypsies
The two RV Gypsies party the night away!
Karen & Lee in the pink
Lee is bad
Karen & Lee dance
Karen & Lee dance
Lee gets down on the dance floor
Karen & Lee gets wild on the dance floor
Karen & Lee dance
Karen & Lee dance
Karen & Lee dance like nobody knows
Karen & Lee close on the dance floor
Lee & his bad girl
Karen & Lee's final dance of the night
Karen and her friends celebrating on the dance floor! Karen had 90 guests at America's Backyard, an outdoor nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The first hour was free drinks and pizza for all of her quests.
a gang of dancers & one smiley face
The gang dances
the backside of dancers
the dance floor is filling up
Lorie and Jeannie get down on the dance floor
Lorie and Jeannie have too much fun on the dance fllor
the backside of karen
Chicken Soup Sandi & Country Bernie on the dance fllor
Sharon gets wild again
Sharon, Pat & Sue dance
Sue and Phyllis
more dancers on the floor
Phyllis & Karen
Sue, Karen, lee, dancing
girls dancing
a full dance floor
ruth & Gary
gossip time
the gang at gossip time
a gang of gossipers
Barbara, Lois, Janice
Tim 7 Wolfgang
Janice, Tim, Karen
5 happy girls
4 happy girls
Karen & friends
hey there dancers
Check out the crazy, fun loving gals below
Lori, Jenniferm Karen, Jenna, Sharon, Phyllis
Loris, Phyllis, Sharon
Al & Debbie Smith, & Cam
Karen hula hoops with her knees
Karen is a hula hoop freak
Karen hula hoops

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