Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers

Life is an enormous book. To not travel is to read only the first page.two RV Gypsies collage of travel fun

The Two RV Gypsies always have their home with them when they travel because they live full-time in their RV and do NOT own or rent a house.  "It is so nice to travel, yet always having our own home with us, our own bed, our own shower, our own kitchen, etc. and not having to pack or unpack."

Being a full-time RVer is not the same thing as being a snowbird. A snowbird has a home in another state, and goes to South Florida for the winter to escape the cold, then leaves South Florida to go home. The two RV Gypsies have lived in Broward County, Florida since 1979 and will always consider that their home. but they now live in their RV full-time. They are not really AT HOME when travelling because they don't know the roads, location of stores etc. and don't stay very long in one place. Why on earth are people arguing with Karen and saying she is a snowbird, whether she likes it or not? There is nothing wrong with being a snowbird, but the two RV Gypsies just don't fit into that category. End of argument! Don't know why people want to turn this into an argument to begin with.

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laughing dudeAs the two RV Gypsies travel all over the United States and Canada, through all the different time zones, are they traveling through space, and also time? Does that make the two RV Gypsies time travelers as well as road travelers and professional travelers? At times they are 1, 2, or 3 hours into your future or your past, playing while you are sleeping, or they may be sleeping while you are working. Yet they are always home and ready for the next adventure! And they never have to pack or unpack. What a great life!

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