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Fox Run Lodge & RV Campground
Palmer, Alaska
July 13, 2016

The two RV Gypsies' RV was in repair in Fairbanks, Alaska. So as they traveled in a rental car around Alaska with some family members, and they stayed in hotels and lodges.

Fox Run Campground sign Fox Run Campground  ad on a car

Stairs going up to the second floor at Fox Run Lodge. The two RV Gypsies and Ilse had the 2nd floor. Renee and John had the first floor.

Stairs going up to the second floor 1st and 2nd floor doors

The two RV Gypsies and Ilse liked their 2nd floor accommodations. (3 photos below). Renee and John hated their 1st floor accommodations because they had spiders everywhere, and their shower barely worked. They talked to the lady in the office about it and the lady said, "This is Alaska. There are spiders everywhere, so deal with it." (Yet, this was the one and only place the two RV Gypsies ever encountered spiders in Alaska). Renee and John slept in the car.

2nd floor bed and bar 2nd floor beds
2nd floor kitchen

Note: The Fox Run Campground had a sign saying the place was for sale. The restaurant had limited menu and high prices. The two RV Gypsies did not eat there. No TV. No Wi-Fi.

Below: View of Matanuska Lake from the porch of the two RV Gypsies.

Matanuska Lake Matanuska Lake

Karen planned on swimming in this lake after returning from their scheduled ATV ride, but due to her serious ATV accident, she never got to swim in the lake. She had all she could handle to continue their planned adventures with family.

Matanuska Lake Karen and Ilse at Matanuska Lake

Below: A trailer hitch with an image of Obama's head in a noose.

Obama's head in a noose

Next door to the Fox Run Campground, there was a coffee storage house with interesting signs.

coffee sign coffee sign
coffee sign

Note: Comments made here do not make the campground/hotel/inn good or bad in general. They are just the personal observations of the two RV Gypsies on a certain date.

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